Ron Robertson Swann

At Serendipity Photography are pleased to have a new addition to our feature on inspiring artists and architects (past and present) around Melbourne. Best known for his controversial public sculpture: Vault, Ron Robertson Swann holds a position as a highly regarded and revered artist in Australia.

Renowned sculptor and art historian Graeme Sturgeon speaks highly of the artist describing his work as: “the most consistent of the Classic Formalist style, that is, the one most concerned to produce a sculpture which, while obviously of its era, transcends considerations of style in search of a timeless sense of rightness.”

Robertson Swann was born in Sydney in 1941 where he attended the National Art School. In the early 1960’s he travelled overseas, choosing to settle briefly in London. It was here he became exposed to modernist aesthetics and ideas which would shape his later work. In London Robertson Swann studied under the highly regarded lecturers and artists Lyndon Dadswell and Anthony Caro at St Martins School of Art. Simply being surrounded by contemporary art world peers, avant garde concepts and classical art and architecture, as Robertson Swann most certainly was, would have been education enough! Yet hardworking and dedicated Robertson Swann used his time in England to learn and practice as much as possible. After completing his studies the artist worked as an assistant to the famous sculptor Henry Moore.

Upon his return to Australia in 1968, it was clear that the artists time abroad had greatly influenced the style and formal qualities of his artwork. Whilst Vault (also known by its nickname Yellow Peril) remains Robertson’s most well well known piece. Over the last 4 decades he has exhibited both in Australia and internationally with group and solo shows and many public commissions. Robertson Swann’s sculptures and paintings have earned him awards such as the Comolco Invitational Sculpture Award (1969) and the Stanthorpe Purchase Prize (1991) just to name a few!

If you’re interested in seeing more photographs featuring the striking work of Robertson Swann then Serendipity highly recommend having a look at our dedicated page on VaultIt may just be the perfect backdrop for your wedding day photos!

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