Classic Weddings with Serendipity Photography!

Do you imagine floating down the aisle in a flowing white dress, with a timelessness befitting Audrey Hepburn, and the elegance of Grace Kelly? Is your bouquet full of creamy peonies, white roses, or perhaps an array of lilies? Or are you interested in the balance and harmony of classical sculpture? If you have answered ‘yes, yes, yes!’ then a classic style wedding may suit you to a tee!

Serendipity Photography Classic

Traditional values, subtle tints and well rounded colours or tones with full detail, are emblematic of classic design.

The subjects are often placed in picturesque surrounds, we compose mindful of the balance between intricacy, variety and regularity as hallmarks of the beautiful image and seek the pleasure of serpentine lines to move the eye and the heart of the viewer.

The beauty of classic styling is that it’s always in vogue! From the day itself to years to come, your album will maintain a feeling of timelessness well into the future.

Serendipity Photography Classic

Whether it’s the dignity of the Hellenistic period, the stunning fashion of the 1940s, or the glorious curls of the Art Nouveau, classic styling is versatile enough to be used in a million different ways, making it easy to transform your day in a style that is perfect for you. Classic style flows seamlessly from fashion to architecture and even to food!

Classic styling embraces rich textures in subtle tones and traditional settings. Gardens, mansions, churches and heritage buildings all make for the perfect settings for classic wedding photography.

Inspiration from History

Reaching back in time, you can draw inspiration from any number of eras.

Serendipity Photography Classic

The Renaissance is a great place to start! 15th century Italy was at the height of beauty and sophistication. Walking through the maze of rooms at the Uffizi you can see the ornate and elaborate relics of the past, still very present in the city of Florence. The Renaissance was one of the most exquisitely beautiful and romantic periods in history, incorporating all aspects of design, from fashion, to art and architecture. With cascading fabrics and intricate stone carving, the Renaissance is probably the most influential period in terms of beauty and art.

Walking through the streets of Melbourne you can see all sorts of references to the Renaissance. This appropriation has been affectionately described as ‘Renaissance Revival’, and many of these gorgeous buildings form the most wonderfully classic backdrops for wedding photography! Think of the grandeur and elegance of the Treasury and Parliament House or the Royal Arcade. Melbourne has an abundance of classically inspired architecture, perfect for your special day. The Grand Hotel is another fantastic example of Renaissance Revival and frames photographs perfectly, with its stylish façade and sweeping interior with classical staircase.

Serendipity Photography Classic

Think of Melbourne’s abundant heritage of classic bridges and vistas across the Yarra, or our wonderful collection of world class parks and gardens. We are fortunate indeed because the young colony was transformed into the marvellous city of the Gold Rush and the Exhibition, it is our responsibility to conserve the past, intertwining the centuries in a way that would surely pleased our energetic Victorian forebears.


Classic Wedding Photography and the Beautiful

At Serendipity Photography we are constantly striving to bring to our brides and groom wedding photography that is based on their sense of style and aesthetic values. So for the customer who prefers a mostly classic wedding the uppermost questions for us at Serendipity in both shooting and post production are — Can I see and bring you the Beautiful? What are the visual qualities that make up Beauty in your day? Beauty is so important for bridal photography but should be a predominate consideration for all parts of the day in a classic wedding, hence working through prior notions of balance and integration of qualities, where wedding photography becomes the art of the possible within the time of the day itself and in the artwork process subsequently. Yet the the classically beautiful is not just something static or historic but truly personal, reaching into the future by touching something profound in your lives, making the mood and joy of your wedding day accessible and there for you always.

Serendipity Photography Classic


Classic Wedding Photography!

Soft light shining in through frosted glass, picturesque gardens with perfectly manicured lawns and beds of English roses, and stunning balconies all make for absolutely breathtaking classic wedding photography.

Serendipity Photography Classic

Whether you’re after a romantic classic look, with the sweetness of a subtle palette and materials that seem to float on the breeze, or the more historic classic look of stone pillars and arching doorways, at Serendipity Photography we take great pride in our ability to take sophisticated classic shots in a variety of classic locations. Classic styling is timeless by nature, and your wedding photographs will appear ageless well into the future.

With effortless grace and poise, classic wedding photography uses softly rounded backlight to produce a satisfying sense of volume and texture, creating a romantic and beautiful result. The placement of the lighting is key, and classic style photography is flattering, with perfect proportions. Body language is very important, and at Serendipity we love to work with couples so that they may achieve the gentle twists, sinuous lines and sense of ease that is emblematic of classic style. A graceful positioning of hands and feet, and an every so slight turn of the torso can make all the difference.

Serendipity Photography Classic

Classic style strives, constantly, for perfection and a certain amount of timely transcendence. Moving beyond the idea of a single moment, classic style desires to be intertwined with all moments.


Serendipity Photography Classic

The idea of the ‘Classic’ refers to a thing with an ageless idealism. Your interpretation of classic, though, can incorporate the aesthetics of any time, from the Renaissance to the Greco Romans and even up to the modern classics! Classic wedding photographs have the elegance and class of Classical paintings. The ideal proportions of Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpieces have been an influence of artistic practices for hundreds of years. The perfect balance of naturalism, but without being excessive, is where classic style fits.

Serendipity Photography Classic

Classic style can be utilised beautifully in a multitude of ways.One of the most  simple ideas is just to capture all of the parts of your day with style and grace! At Serendipity Photography we love to capture all of the timeless moments of the classic wedding day. From the ceremony and reception to the transport and gown, classic style can be incorporated into every aspect of your special day!

From this notion of graceful fullness to the heights of luxury and brilliance, classic wedding photography and the search for the beautiful creates a secure foundation for giving Serendipity clients wonderful images that offer so much more in style and depth.
































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