Heyam and John at Monash Uni, Docklands and the Luxor

Heyam and John

Never mind the rain in morning, Heyam outshone the clouds and John’s love gave warmth and laughter. Where did she get that dress?

We photographed around the chapel at Monash Uni, at North Rd pier and at Docklands. Heyam and John celebrated with so much dancing at Luxor Receptions. Docklands boasts many sites for lovers and lovers of Melbourne’s modern urban style. Chic towers bristling with sculptural glamour, devine use of tiles and glass, Docklands — where the city and the water meet — is where Melbourne wedding photographers can walk with Melbourne couples in such a richly detailed contemporary environment. City slick, contemporary polish — Melbourne Docklands remains one of Serendipity Photography’s places of visual pleasure.

Ceremony — Monash University Chapel

Reception — Luxor Receptions

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