Penny and Mark on Collins St and Roselyn Court

Ceremony — St Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Strathmore

Reception — Roselyn Court Homestead, Essendon

Penny and Mark chose to have some of their wedding photographs on Collins Street, which is an exceptional location for wedding photography. It encapsulates Melbourne’s sophisticated aesthetic, offering couples the choice of many iconic settings for their photographs. Penny and Mark’s photographs utilize the grand entranceways to some of Collins Streets’ most beautiful buildings to achieve dramatic, timeless images.

The majority of Collins Street’s most elegant and austere buildings were constructed in the late 1800s. On display are a variety of architectural designs from Second Empire Revival, Neo-Gothic, to Renaissance Revival styles, each reflecting the decadence of the post-gold rush era. From this we see the distinct use of Victorian-style glass and mirrors to create unique lighting and depth of tone.

Limited only by your imagination, Serendipity Photography can help emphasize the mood of your chosen location with post-production, sympathetic retouching and selected colour finishes.

We love to photograph Melbourne’s unique architectural history. Collins Street lends itself to a variety of colour palettes, from black and white styles and subtle tinting.  Serendipity Photography offers skilled unobtrusive hand coloured looks, soft warm sepias to bold rich colours, grandly dark and even gothic styles, perfect for Collins Streets’ myriad styles.

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