Post coming on Collins Street Baptist Church

Often, when we’re brainstorming to write about the top Melbourne wedding photography locations in the Serendipity Photography Studio we notice a pattern, Collins Street always equals breath-taking wedding photos. Collins Street is full of great locations, and with our page on Collins St up we thought Serendipity Photography would feature some of the best buildings on Collins Street.

Collins Street Baptist Church really stands out. It’s monumental white columns and glassed-in café look great from the street, and inside is simple yet elegant. Here’s what the Collins Street Baptist church had to say about their unique architecture.

The classical temple façade with its four Corinthian columns places the building in the neo-Greek architectural tradition rather than the gothic style that was used for many of Melbourne’s churches and public buildings. It reflects the Baptist understanding of the church as a gathered community of believers rather than a special building.”

If you’d like to know more about the Collins Street Baptist Church you can visit their website. Expect more on Collins St and great churches for wedding photography soon. And as always, if you’d like our opinion on any Melbourne wedding photography locations you can contact us through our Facebook account, or our website.

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