Serendipity Photography likes Marvellous Melbourne.

Do you think Melbourne is marvellous? We do. As photographers we get to see the best of Melbourne throughout the year, and we’re always happy to find our more about Melbourne amazing architectural history.

At Serendipity Photography we mention “Marvellous Melbourne” a lot, and for a good reason, “Marvellous Melbourne”, as well as catchy alliteration, is an invaluable resource for those interested in finding out more about Melbourne’s phenomenal architecture. The Museum Victoria endeavour has summed up the history behind some of our most loved buildings.

While working on the blog it’s pretty common for the entire studio to get involved in some debate about which buildings are finer and why. Our debates are often fueled by one persons disappointment in a long-gone building, or their opinoin on a new addition to an old hotel or bank. At times like this it’s usually Marvelous Melbourne that we look at to inform our historical perspective.

One amazing fact we found is that Melbourne began as an illegal settlement, opposed by Sydney. Maybe that’s where the animosity between the two cities started?

Either way, despite being much vaster now, Melbourne still has that tongue-in-cheek self-conscious schoolboy feel that informs our attitudes and architecture, resulting in some fresh, exiting buildings and locations.

While Melbourne architecture might not be central to wedding photography, we do encourage you to follow the link to check ut their website if you’re curious about what made Melbourne so fly.

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