The Regent Theatre on Collins Street

While looking through some of the great photos from Nikola and Adrian’s photos on our blog we realised there was no Serendipity Photography review of the Regent Theatre, despite it being one of the best places in Melbourne for wedding receptions and photography. Nikola and Adrian’s reception was gorgeous, and they were able to take advantage of some of the great features for their photos.

Serendipity Photography loves the grand Hollywood style of the Regent theatre, its design reminiscent of New York’s Capitol Theatre. We’re currently examining the history of the Regent theatre in the hopes of bringing you a more condensed version, with an emphasis on the aesthetic points of this amazing building. The Regent Theatre came out triumphant after strenuous battles against the council’s plan to demolish it. This lifts the Regent Theatre to more than a beautiful location — it’s a Melbourne icon.

We’ll be writing up a page for Serendipity’s Favourite Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations on the Regent theatre this week. Here’s a preview photo.


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