Eva and Randy at Docklands and The Aquarium

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One of the highlights of running a personalised boutique wedding photography business is being able to create a photographic coverage that suits a couple’s individual needs and vision, and then being able to showcase the results within an album with design that enhances that vision. All couples are different, and the variety of choice that Serendipity is able to offer after 2000 weddings makes it so much easier to meet and celebrate those differences.

We were thrilled to be able to offer something urban, cool and candid to Eva and Randy .. getting married far away from Edmonton, in Melbourne known for its interesting post-modern “bad boy” architectural style (Corrigan et al), and weather, comparatively speaking, that could be seen as almost tropical!

The guys arrived in style to whisk the Eva and the girls away from their perch high above Docklands in the Mercure Apartments. Eva, featuring her New York dress, and oh so many blonde curls, turned everyones head. Champagne notwithstanding, style, flowers and fun dominated the bridal party’s progress from locations around the Web bridge to the sleek detailing, courtesy of LAB, of Federation Square.  Yes, the dark reflective surfaces of the Aquarium could be a challenge if you were stuck with regular wedding flash — the use of multiple off camera flash units allowed us to bring out the cool beauty and exotic blues and greens of the marine life in the Aquarium tanks as the backdrops for Eva and Randy’s ceremony and reception.

All in all, a wedding to remember and photography to treasure.

Thanks guys for your wonderful recommendation on WOMOW (check it out here plus some other great feedback!)

Eva and Randy said

I love our photos to death!!! I have never such photos taken of me ever, and I am wildly thrilled with the portraits where I just look like a movie star!

Sally and Julian responded well to a very difficult brief. We wanted to feature some of Melbourne’s recent modern architecture, and the whole sense of melbourne as cultural and special .. we currently live in Edmonton where temperatures can drop to minus 45!! The results are just spectacular, I honestly think that no-one else that we contacted would have even understood what we wanted, let alone been able to shoot it. Having been on so many commercial shoots, we were very pleasantly surprised that the day was so little effort on our behalf, and that the photos look so natural even though that they have been shot from a very particular direction. Julian is an amazing photographer, so easy to work with and able to pull rabbits out of hats.

Our photographs are indescribably beautiful, glamourous and create a wonderful memory of our wedding day. Serendipity coped so well with the technical challenge of shooting at the Aquarium, not many photographers are at home with commercial lighting techniques, and one of the strong deciding factors was their ability with secondary lighting.

We love the pictures at Fed Square with the all the reflective surface and gorgeous detailing, and the shots at the web bridge are to purely stunning.

Thanks so much for amazing work, I love these pictures to pieces!!!
Eva and Randy”

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Here is a link to their video WOMOW post also

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