Urban Drama– photographic possibilities in the built environment

Melbourne is home to some fantastic pieces of architecture and landmarks, which with a little planning and passion, can feature as a striking backdrop in your wedding album. We at Serendipity are inspired by the dramatic compositions, sophisticated colouring and diverse aesthetics created by these beautiful designs

Serendipity is pleased to share a new post some of the more less known locations around our beautiful city, which boast striking tones, bold lines, one of a kind artworks and vibrant aesthetics that may just be the perfect match for your wedding day style.

New Section on Urban Drama, Architecture, Art and Wedding Photography

Serendipity Photography is introducing a new section on Urban Drama — contemporary wedding photography location possibilites in the urban and built enviroment, perfect if glass is your cool new black, and shattered shards scintillate your float! From the Yarra to beyond, keep up with our posts and pages in Serendipity’s new section page titled Urban Drama, Architecture, Art and Wedding Photography.

For a breathtaking photographic backdrop many couples make the great choice of visiting Crown Casino. Notable features of the casino include its entrance (commonly known as the ‘Atrium’) featuring stepped fountains and spectacular sound and light shows under the themes of the four seasons. Inside the selection of function rooms are opulent and sophisticated in their interior décor, the expansive windows offering a breathtaking backdrop of Melbourne’s skyline. By night pyrotechnic towers running the length of the Casino promenade emit spheres of fire issued at choreographed intervals from the tops of the towers. Nine feet in diameter, these pyrotechnics have become an iconic part of Melbourne’s nightlife. If you prefer basking in Crowns glory during the daylight hours, there are plenty of gorgeous details to add a sparkle to your photos. Exquisite water features appear both inside and outside the Crown casino complex. The front entrance which boasts rainforest like foliage, and water fountains that run down the textured granite walls, will add a glamourous –even exotic– feel to your already magical day.

For a one-of-a-kind dining and reception experience, the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is a wonderful option. Perfect for intimate or medium sized wedding celebrations where magical atmosphere and stunning backdrops are the order of the day.

The Docklands precinct — a relatively new development in Melbourne — offers some exceptional examples of architecture design. Check out Serendipity’s page on the stunning Webb Bridge. And just a short stroll away lies the interesting textured West Gate Freeway which boasts strong dramatic lines and a modern colour palate. When wedding day photographs are captured from underneath the overpass the result is bold, interesting compositions. Large sections of sky cast soft natural light on the couple, and a striking contrast is visible between the organic flow of the brides veil and the confident structure of the Freeway. Serendipity recently had the privilege of capturing some special wedding day moments with the visual and architectural support of the West Gate. Accommodation and elegant backdrops come together harmoniously at the Grand Mecure Hotel, Docklands

One of the aesthetic draw cards of the freeway is the gracefully titled ‘House in the Sky’ the 2 dimensional artwork which sits over the interchange between the West Gate Freeway and the Western Ring Road. The structure was designed by Brearley Middleton Architects in 2001 as part of the ‘Images if the West’ initiative run by the city councils. And is one of the unique backdrops present along the freeway which render it much more than a transportation hub, indeed an appealing location for wedding photography.

Serendipity highly recommend utilising the architectural lines of the underside of the freeway– a particularly appealing option if you’re planning to carry out your celebrations around the Docklands area. With views of the stunning Webb Bridge visible just behind the structure, the freeway entrance is a versatile and attractive location.

julie docklands web bridge

Beyond the Docklands there are a plethora of striking and diverse locations which bridge the gap between art and functional architecture. Stay tuned as Serendipity bring you more photos and pages from other sites of urban drama and surprise!

julie docklands web bridge

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