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Regular readers will note that we work on our wedding photo location reviews in two parts, first is the fun part where we talk about the locations, what the like, what we love, and the Melbourne greats. Then we’ll write up a shortlist, and expand it into the articles you can find in our Serendipity’s Favourite Wedding Photography Locations page. But before we get there we have to find the photos in our archives that best reflect the Serendipity Photography views of the best Melbourne locations for wedding photography. That part usually takes some time, and sometimes we’re so excited to bring you a new feature that we’ll give you the article in preview form before the page goes up. So this week we’ve been talking about Red Scooter. And there’s a lot to like. Here’s a teaser, so get excited for the photos or check out more great locations here.

As far as anyone at Serendipity Photography is concerned there are two stand-out features of Red Scooter, when it comes to wedding photography, that make it worth your attention. The first is the eye-popping interior décor that is both tasteful and outlandish, fusing bold colours with clever details that attract the eye and unify all the different elements into one great theme. The second is the staff, from the very first day we shot a wedding at Red Scooter we’ve seen how capable and attentive the management are — the venue is crazy but the service is spot-on, and the staff are.

While Melbourne’s wedding reception scene has a lot of great service, it’s the combination of wild style and great staff that make Red Scooter great for wedding photos. Rather than choosing from a more basic array of theme options, Red Scooter can put together completely unique themes for their clients. The gallery on the website shows how varied the venue can get, with different themes ranging from minimal, elegant styles that still have the certain something that really stands out, to off-the-hook colours and lights. You and your guests won’t tire of this location, which is it’s own type of fun.

For wedding photography Red Scooter is a location like no other, their wide collection of strange and wonderful items means you can have fun with, for example the bar made of pinball tables, or the outrageously over-sized antique-style armchair. This is definitely not your usual bridal fare, but for those who want some seriously unique, with the same standard of service as the conventional locations, it cannot be missed.

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