Rippon Lea

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Summer’s just starting and it’s the perfect time to picnic in parks and gardens and soak up the sun. Melbourne has some beautiful gardens and we just love Rippon Lea as a wedding location. The grounds and the house are stunning and the place has a fantastic history with some real significance in Victoria’s history.

Kiss at Rippon Lea mansion.

A kiss at the steps of Rippon Lea’s grand mansion.

Check out our page on Rippon Lea and stick around for our fantastic collection of wedding photographs from this amazing estate. We’ll be writing about some of the finer Melbourne wedding locations so if you’re in need of inspiration make sure to check out our Favourite Locations in the pages bar on the right.

Here’s a preview of our upcoming photos from Rippon Lea.


Lawns of Rippon Lea

A couple on the vast lawns of Rippon Lea.

Spring wedding at Rippon Lea.

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