Kisa and Charlie — Old World Glamour and Contemporary Romance

The wedding day of Kisa and Charlie was an event characterised by breathtaking romance and subtle historic touches, resulting in a picture of true elegance. Serendipity felt inspired to capture each tint of subtle vision and glamour of the day. The pairs classic style was enhanced through a setting combining period architectural backdrops, exquisite gardens and a rich harmony of culture and history. What a memorable celebration!

After a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony at home, proceedings continued as the couple held their formal ceremony at the charming Overnewton Castle. The exquisite architectural qualities of this 16th century Victorian Tudor style castle, were heightened by a picturesque four acres of surrounding gardens. Kisa and Charlie celebrated the fine day (as well as their marriage!) by holding their ceremony in the lush enchantment of the gardens. Beautiful details such as the white floral archway, vibrant rouge of the central aisle and the luminous colour composition of Kisa’s bridal bouquet, were perfectly complemented by the natural floral vistas of the private garden. As the couple exchanged vows the gorgeous surrounds of the Overnewton gardens provided a myriad of lovely backdrops of wedding day photography.

The newly weds extended the romance of their day by visiting a beautiful selection of locations around Melbourne.The striking Renaissance style architecture of Melbourne University’s Law Courts proved a unique and dramatic backdrop for breathtaking compositions of the couple. As the pair strolled beneath the grand archways, the rich tonal palate of the columns created an aesthetic of subtle romance. Serendipity have long appreciated the rich history and classic design of this majestic buildings, an unsurpassed example of early Melbourne architecture.

After the grand vistas of the Law Courts, the picturesque landscaping of the sought after Carlton Gardens revealed a stunning level of variation, providing a gorgeous range of angles and visual details for romantic wedding day photographs. Kisa and Charlie looked beautiful against the enchanting combination of atmospheric red sepias and spectacular backdrops of details such as the historic Hochgurtel Fountain.

Celebrations continued at the stunningly versatile Overnewton Castle. The elegant décor of the interior was the perfect match for the classic style of Kisa and Charlie. Features included polished timber floors (a supportive dancing partner!), large bay windows behind the bridal table and a sophisticated neutral colour palate. Gorgeous decorative touches such as the arched love-heart visible outside the main window, and hints of vibrant orange repeated in the wedding cake, table menus as well as Kisa’s bouquet brought a unique personal element to the elegant festivities. An event of true elegance!







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  1. Charlie Chen 3 May 2012 at 9:57 pm #

    How many ways can you say really good?! The photos are amazing and well above our expectations. Serendipity never runs out of ideas and worked so hard to create the ultimate creative product. The photos in the album have really been taken to a new level, technically superb, perfectly controlled with state of the art photoshop skills.

    As a keen photographer, I can really appreciate mastery of the craft. Serendipity pushed the shooting and post production to the limit. It’s rare to see photography with multi flash setup with umbrellas and the use of many prime lenses. The results are gorgeous with crisp, lush colours and casual natural expressions, giving us a very sophisticated product.

    Serendipity have our unreserved recommendation and I would urge any newly engaged couples to check out their studio.

    Kisa & Charlie

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