John and Lynda: Classic Romance with Serendipity Photography

John and Lynda celebrated their day in true classic style — understated, elegant and an idyllic location in the Dandenong ranges for their romantic reception — Nathania Springs! The wedding ceremony was located in the beautiful polychrome brick St Martins in Hawksburn. St Martins is a truly gorgeous church with rustic steps and twisty branches for a photographic tryst, and the loveliness of rich wood and stained glass. 




 John and Lynda like the long view and sense of atmosphere in this shot, ” this photograph has a real sense of romance, and times past.…”. The Morell Bridge area was really good choice as a wedding location, we loved the sense of the city in the background and the water.”

This photograph is one of our favourites in the album. It looks very dramatic, and detailed and stretches across the whole width of the album.” says John. “This shot reminds of the Australian bush, where I grew up. The way Sally has made the leaves and colours of the bark stand out looks very evocative and natural, full of feeling.”


2 Responses to “John and Lynda: Classic Romance with Serendipity Photography”
  1. serendipity 27 August 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    Thankyou so much John and Lynda for such a beautiful response! It has been a a complete pleasure being able to work with you in designing your album, and carrying out your vision!
    Sally and Julian

  2. John and Lynda 16 August 2011 at 11:31 pm #

    We were first drawn to Serendipity after viewing a friend’s album which was shot on film over ten years ago. I was captivated by the artwork and Lynda by the photography. The richness of strong colours combined with detail and depth complimented the autumn hues. The expressions on people’s faces that Julian worked tirelessly to produce was captured with great detail, unique angles and depth. The album told a story from beginning to end. The sophisticated city shots amongst the South Yarra architecture and brickwork were superb. A combination of sepia tones,stormy skies and rich colours gave us three different backgrounds to the Yarra river and bridges with the city background. Likewise the lushness of the bush around the Dandenongs and the bright lights of the dance floor at the reception centre. A varied and alive album of great contrasts come together to tell the story of our day. Where art meets photography and photography meets art!!

    John and Lynda

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