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Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel

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As the wedding day approaches, and the planning period intensifies, many brides draw inspiration from the world of fashion. One of the big decisions is choosing your wedding dress, which is often the detail upon which the rest of the wedding theme revolves! You need only open any of the top bridal magazines to see just how much variety and distinct styles are on offer.

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Planning your wedding can be an enjoyable and very creative process. The opportunity for fashion doesn’t stop at the dress, for every component of your day — from the bridesmaids dresses, the bouquet, the colour of the grooms tie, to the table decorations — can be coördinated to create a harmonious and unique ensemble.

serendipity photography bridal

Many designers and couture dress makers have dedicated entire collections to the wedding gown, whilst the classic white wedding dress remains an icon, the last few decades have seen many developments and shifts in style. Whilst most wedding gowns today still remain traditionally white, the variety within this; ivory, cream, old lace and eggshell (just to name a few!) are endless. It’s even becoming more common for contemporary brides to choose a wedding dress of an alternate colour, such as olive green or even red.

The dramatic effect provided by a floor length gown and train is has long been a favourite amongst brides. Popular styles today range from voluptuous layered tulle numbers — full bodied skirts promote a distinctly ball-gown or even 1950’s feel — or perhaps the elegant silhouette of a slim fitting silk dress is more your style. Another option is a cocktail length or above the knee gown, which have become increasingly sought after styles. More and more brides are turning to shorter cropped dresses which look fantastic on many different body types, are cool and comfortable during the warmer months, and can be a great opportunity to show off your wedding shoes!

You may prefer an elegantly simple style of dress, which can be heightened with some contrasting accessories. An unusual back detail can add a striking element to the gown, whether this is in the form of ruffles, or a bow or an unusual embroidered design. If the strength of your dress is in its understated simplicity, another option is to feature decorative details such as crystal or pearl embellishments on a delicate cardigan, a well chosen pair of shoes or a subtle headpiece can be a stunning accompaniment to your statement dress. At Serendipity, we thoroughly support the effort that brides bring to their look — the careful pairing of fabric and accessories, of veil and dress, all pulled together to create that sensational statement — behold the bride!

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Serendipity Photography Bridal

Whatever the trend, the most important thing for a bride to remember is that it is your day: the choice of what you’re wearing is up to you. Fashion provides an exciting world of inspiration, glamour and high quality, but do not feel you have to stick to one look or cut just because it is the current trend. As the renowned designer Yves Saint Laurent once said “Fashion fades, style is eternal.” Your wedding theme should reflect the taste and personality of you and your groom, it’s a chance to really have some fun and show off your unique style be it classic, romantic, or contemporary chic. Being happy and comfortable in your gown will go a long way towards ensuring that her wedding day is one you will remember and treasure forever.

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serendipity photography bride

serendipity photography bride

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  1. Julie 20 February 2012 at 3:07 pm #

    The wedding planning for me was a very enjoyable experience. I started planning the wedding about 9 months prior. By the end of it I had a grand total of about 56 wedding magazines and I spent a lot of time with online bridal sites also. I felt the more informed i had the better decisions i could make.

    My dress was designed by Linze Couture. I wanted something unique that represented my style. The detailing with the lace and Swarovski crystals was amazing and 150 metres of silk and chiffon for my train resulted in my dream dress.

    When choosing accessories I based everything around my dress. Because the front of my dress was short i knew my shoes would have to be amazing. I wanted the wow factor and finally found an shoe designer in the UK who could give me that. The shoes were all personalized and hand crafted. In the end i designed two pairs — One for the church and one for the reception. The first pair were encrusted with lace and sea pearls. The second pair were top to bottom Swarovski Crystal.


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