Brooch Bouquets

Picture a bouquet and what comes to mind? A posy of seasonal florals? Or maybe a collection of classic roses? Whatever your imagination conjurs up, it’s likely the composition will include some sweet smelling flowers! At Serendipity Photography, whilst we love the tradition and beautiful aesthetics of floral bouquets, we are also very excited by a unique alternative to the classic bouquet: the innovative Brooch Bouquet.

This beautiful new trend — pioneered by floral designer and stylist Amanda Jane — is receiving attention from all facets of the wedding world, offering a stunning visual accessory, as well as providing a life long memento for the bride.

Rather than flowers, brooch bouquets are made up of a variety of objects which hold special meaning to the bride and her family. Almost anything can be used to inspire the design; the objects will vary according to the bride and her personal style. Trinkets and treasures such as earrings, vintage dress buttons, pieces of lace, pearl strands, lockets, a love letter, rings, a charm bracelet, old badges or a special brooch, are just some of the unique objects which could make up your Brooch Bouquet, really the only limit is your imagination!

The shape and size of your Brooch Bouquet will vary depending on a number of factors, including wedding theme, budget and style. A good general starting point is to collect between fifty to sixty pieces for your bouquet. Remembering that variations in size, colour and sparkle factor are a good thing! As this will help to create the most interesting final pieces. Once you have gathered together all of your intended objects (this process in itself is very special, sure to bring a tear or two!), they are passed on to your bouquet designer who will delicately construct the final design. The result? A custom designed, hand made bouquet, which doubles as a work of art! Serendipity can see why this popular new alternative has become such a phenomena; the finished product is absolutely stunning, and unique every-time. Brooch Bouquets are both visually and emotionally everlasting. At Serendipity we recommend paring them with simple, matching accessories, such as pearl earrings and a long, beautiful veil.

See Bride Samantha go through the process of creating a Brooch Bouquet in her blog post.

Follow the link here to Amanda Jane Brooch Bouquets main blog for more enchanting inspiration!


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  1. Samantha 20 April 2012 at 3:44 pm #

    I got my idea of a brooch bouquet from a movie I had watched. It then made sense to use this idea, as I wanted to hold with me close as I was walking down the aisle, elements of my two grandfathers and that was the perfect way.

    I started to collect brooches and earrings from antique shops, thrift stores, on-line auctions, family and friends and internet sites, I even posted a status on facebook! I also sourced brooches from about 6 different countries, including a very special piece from England.

    I found myself with over 1000 brooches, from there I chose the ones I loved the most — narrowing it down to about 300.
    I then started inserting the brooch flowers into a crème bunch of artificial roses until the whole bouquet was completely covered.

    I finished it off with my grandfathers charity cross and my other grandfather Sam’s war medallion.

    The finished product was a meaningful vintage, modern yet glitzy work of art which took over 100 metres in wire, 8 months to complete and about 18 months to compile brooches.


    Thank you Serendipity for capturing it so perfectly.

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