The Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect fit: Serendipity Photography on the value of a beautifully fitting wedding dress

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Melbourne is home to a breathtaking selection of dress makers and specialty boutiques, providing you the bride with a wonderful range of options. Whether you choose a couture gown or an off-the-rack design, with dedication and good research you can have a dress that looks amazing and fits perfectly. Just as every wedding day is a distinct and highly personal event, the unique qualities of each bride is something that should be celebrated.

Finding Your Dream Gown

It’s so important to have a wedding dress that is well designed, as you’ll feel confident and relaxed in a dress that is comfortable as well as beautiful. The perfect wedding dress is the wedding dress that is perfect for you, one that is designed to flatter and highlight your best features. Vertical lines and panels often have a strong visually slimming effect, unlike horizontal or diagonal rows. For those of us who are not size six, or work out twice a day, a dress fitted around your waist will be most flattering. Generally a longer skirt will provide more pleasing proportions to the shorter woman; an empire waistline may give your legs the illusion of greater length and a dropped waistline will elongate your body. If you have a larger bust, a v-neck can be flattering. Adding details such as lace, embroidery or gathered material will add an eye-catching yet subtle quality to dresses.

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There is plenty of opportunity for creative input — regardless of whether you opt for a couture or pre designed dress. Couture gives brides the option of working directly and personally with the designer to make decisions about material type, cut and colour of the dress. This process is becoming increasingly popular amongst Melbourne brides, however it is a little more expensive. Off the rack numbers will often respond well to personal touches, provided you are willing to go a little further to be creative and add your own personal touches. You might even want to have more than one dress on the day, something elegant and opulent for the wedding, and then something more fun and funky for the reception.

Fitting with your themes!

The ‘perfect fit’ isn’t all about tailoring. When you’re planning your big day you’re sure to pick out some themes that reflect you and your partner’s wishes for your wedding. Whether they be contemporary elegance, or traditional classicism, these themes will carry across your day, creating a flowing and smooth atmosphere. The photographs below are great examples of how you can chose a dress to perfectly fit your themes. This dress is inspired by the Russian Baroque, a theme that carried through from the church, to the locations, to the fashion and everything in between!

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From Beautiful to Breathtaking

Once you’ve found the right style for you, you should have several fittings up to the big day to make sure the dress will fit you well and you’ll most likely need to make some adjustments. There is no substitute for a properly fitting dress! Make sure your wedding dress can be adjusted to accommodate for potential changes to your body shape and size.

You will need an experienced dress-maker who can make adjustments and show you how to take care of the dress. To ensure that every dimension of the dress is perfectly suited to your frame, a professional fitting is highly recommended. Pre-wedding fittings are a good time to get acquainted with your wedding dress. Move around while you’re being fitted to make sure the gown moves comfortably with you. Don’t forget to keep track of any adjustments that need to be made.

At your final fitting it’s important to make sure everything fits well and is comfortable. By now you should be looking and feeling great, all the effort you put into your dress will be worth it when you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about it on the day. Every bride should enjoy have that wonderful feeling of confidence knowing that you have chosen a style that is optimal. A gown that makes them feel their best, as well as one that feels comfortable and fits well, with that extra something that comes from the right accessories that completes the idea and vision of the beautiful bride.

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Serendipity Photography Bride


6 Responses to “The Perfect Fit”
  1. Elena 19 July 2012 at 1:48 pm #

    I found my dress in Moscow. It was made by a Russian designer and I fell in love with it! It goes perfectly with our wedding themes of the Russian Baroque. Wearing the dress gave me the sense that I was in a fairytale, it is so elegant and beautiful. It was important to me that the themes of our wedding flowed perfectly throughout the day.

    The intricate detailing on the bodice and flowing fabric of the skirt made me feel very beautiful. My dress moves so well in our pictures from Serendipity, just like a ballerina! I had looked at so many dresses and nothing was quite right, until I found this one and I just fell in love with it! It was perfect for our Baroque theme and so utterly romantic.

  2. Melanie 7 June 2012 at 12:51 pm #

    I found my dream wedding dress at Lazaro in LA (they now have an Australian store) I knew it was the one as soon as I saw it — I was completely in love! I bought the dress online, then had it fitted at a local dress makers. A good decision for me.
    Your wedding day is such a personal and special moment in your life — you’re surrounded by all those dearest to you, so for me it was a big priority to find a dress that I felt comfortable in, that looked and felt beautiful, and was a perfect reflection of my style. I was so happy I found all of these things in this one amazing dress!
    The skirt was made up of six layers of tulle — It felt amazing to move in — a real ball gown! The bodice was close fitting, highly structured, with a low back. The skirt has so much volume and and glamour so I loved how elegantly simple the cut of the bodice was, the perfect match. The final touch was my belt with flower detailing. I felt like a princess all day!
    Thank you!

  3. Gila Shirinov 3 May 2012 at 2:16 pm #

    My dress was a simple and classic design which was perfect for my wedding. I really loved the soft flowing skirt, it gave the dress a soft feminine look as well as being elegant. The glittery sparkle quality of the top really caught my eye in the shop and was beautiful on the day. I was so happy with the look and feel of my dress.


  4. Julie 17 April 2012 at 7:15 pm #

    Ever since I was a little girl I knew my wedding dress would be unique and something that hadn’t been done before. It was important to me that as well as being a interesting design, the dress had to fit me perfectly! So I chose to get the gown made at dressmaker rather then hunting through boutiques and internet sites.

    Armed with my designs and ideas I eventually found the perfect dressmaker. Lyn from Linze Couture was fantastic. She understood exactly what I wanted. We sketched up a few designs and set the ball rolling. I was so happy when Lyn showed me the final design — It was exactly what I had wished for!

    The most important piece of advice I could give to a soon-to-be-bride is once you’ve found your perfect dress make sure you have numerous fittings along the way — right up to your wedding day. Tweaking along the way means you can add beautiful details such as beading. It’s also a really great way to perfectly match your shoes and accessories. Perfection takes time!

    Thank you Serendipity for capturing my dress so beautifully!

  5. Justine Barrow 16 March 2012 at 6:43 pm #

    I tried on several wedding dresses; being a bit fussy and not the standard proportions, I certainly didn’t fall in love, like you are supposed to, with any single one dress. I liked the skirt of this one and the bodice of that one etc. So in the end it had to be a couture dress; after some more searching, I found Liana Amici on Lygon Street, who was great to work with, listened to all my thoughts and gently put forward her own ideas. Designing the dress together and watching it come to fruition over several months was a great experience that I believe made the dress even more special. It fit me absolutely perfectly, after several fittings, ensuring that it was just right. I loved the attention to detain that Liana demonstrated in hand stitching all the beading.

  6. Kimberley 16 March 2012 at 12:34 am #

    True Serendipity! When scrolling through many dresses the computer froze on this one and it was just perfect! I just knew, didn’t even need to try it on. Fairytales Bridal Boutique are just great, easy to deal with, they just ordered it and it fitted like a glove!

    I know a lot of girls go to many shops but I think being confident with more high profile business is a good start, and having a clear idea is also important. Intuition is important, and I think trying on too many dresses can reduce a brides confidence. I’d recommend going with less people, for me it was just my two mums! Be brave, be yourself and follow what your heart tells you!

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