Wedding Trains

When you imagined your wedding dress as a little girl did you picture a long sweeping train? Perhaps requiring a suite of bridesmaids to carry it behind you?! Today one of the most important features within the bridal gown is still the train, and with varieties as glamourous and infinite as wedding dresses themselves, this breathtaking touch is a beautiful way to express your unique style and maybe even make a fashion statement!  Whether you opt for a spectacular flowing train, or a more elegant short number, a train is the perfect way to add sophistication to your wedding dress — the ultimate accessory!

There is a long selection of distinct train styles available, maybe you’ve fallen in love with a look you’ve admired online or seen at a friends wedding. The secret is to find a length and style which best complements your dress, beautifully heightening the look rather than distracting away from it. To make the planning process that bit easier (and fun!) we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular train styles for your inspiration.


This striking style extends around one foot beyond the base of the gown, making it one of the shortest trains you’ll encounter. The sweep train appears visually like an extension of the hem, elegantly spilling just over floor length. This style is a beautifully subtle touch to classic dresses and is also very slimming.


This unique style is generally the same length as a sweep train, the distinction being that the court train extends from the waistline rather than the hemline of the dress. The added volume of material can create a dramatic silhouette as the train flows gently behind you.


Aptly named, the panel train is not part of the main gown, but rather a separate panel of fabric which trails behind the dress. This is a great option for brides want to customise their train to perfectly suit their wedding day style. The panel train is often detachable and can be professionally altered to encompass many different lengths — the queen of flexible trains!


What stands the Watteau style apart is its striking position and seamless extension from the wedding gown. The train begins at the shoulders where it drapes down to the bottom hem of the dress. This distinctive appearance can give an almost Roman –esque feel to the dress. This unique choice is a beautiful alternative to a veil, offering a full length, long, flowing train.


The chapel train is great for brides who want to make a statement whilst still retaining a level of practicality and ease (you’ll still be able to dance to night away) in their dress. Generally, the length will extend to one and a half metres in length from the floor, creating quite a spectacular visual effect. Whilst you will need assistance with setting the train out when you arrive at the ceremony (and during photographs) you be able to walk down the aisle with just the accompaniment of your father, as your train follows gracefully and effortlessly behind you.


This popular style also extends from the hem and can reach up to two metres in length. The cathedral train is voluminous and eye-catching yet like with the chapel style, you will only require assistance when getting in and out of your wedding day car and setting up for photographs. Unless the gown has a very heavily adorned train will be able to walk gracefully and unassisted.


This is the princess of wedding trains! At two and and a half metres in length the results are quite dramatic. Perfect for brides who want the full effect of a beautiful flowing train. The royal style is a beautiful accessory


Extending up to twelve feet from the waist, monarch trains are truly spectacular! Their name is definitely well earned as this style is the most opulent and rich-looking option.  The sheer size and weight of the monarch train means that your bridesmaids will have an important role to play lifting and guiding the train behind the you. Picturesque panoramic landscapes will be provide a dramatic setting for this monumental train.

Securing the Train

Trains are an elegant addition to many styles of wedding gowns and can have dramatic visual effects in wedding day photography. Depending on the length of your train, some consideration will need to be given to the practicality of walking and moving between venues and locations. The bigger the train the more assistance the bride will require. The bridesmaids or perhaps dedicated ‘carriers’ are a great option for lifting the gown so the vision remains graceful and effortless.

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