Classic, Romantic or Contemporary Chic? Serendipity’s Top Ten Choices for your Best Wedding Photography Locations

Serendipity’s Top Ten Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations

Your photography style — your choice of wedding locations. 

At Serendipity Photography we are experienced in bringing you the very best mix of photography locations, and in helping you from the first moment to we say goodbye within your reception time. Its important to be able to create the right balance between a comprehensive record of those special personal moments and the very important drama of powerful compositions and classic locations. Serendipity Photography brings you 20 years of experience in helping clients find the right style with optimum set of location possibilities for each couple. You may want to mix the grand opulence and history of some of Melbourne’s best classic buildings with a long cool dash of contemporary chic. Or, as a couple you may want the romance of a strictly vintage style, maybe with a dash of country classic. Some couples only want urban glitz and bling, and go for crazy cool hotel foyers, fractal facets and fine glass detailing at Federation Square, or catch sharp slivers of sunset at the Web Bridge.

For a start, try Serendipity’s top ten wedding photography locations!

Melbourne is graced with so many possibilities for wedding photography that it’s very difficult to narrow down. Here is a list of ten wedding photography locations at the Serendipity Photography really recommends, ranging from Melbourne’s gold-rush opulence to the new-rush of transparent urban cool. 

    1. Labassa
      Labassa in Caulfield is one of the most gorgeous heritage-listed buildings in Melbourne, and it makes for an incredible location for weddings and wedding photography. Its exquisite interiors, gilded and embossed wallpapers, stained glass windows, mahogany and marble all come together beautifully in constructing the Italianate Renaissance revival extravagance with Second Empire touches and a hint of Germanic gothick that is Labassa — a perfect setting for a wedding. Not the easiest, but as we sometimes say to Serendipity clients — almost the closest you can get to Paris right here! At Serendipity we are experienced in the low light photography techniques that are required to catch Labassa’s unique atmosphere, and bring a thorough knowledge of RAW conversion techniques that help to bring out Labassa’s beauty as a wedding photography location.
    2. Montsalvat
      Montsalvat is a unique property in Melbourne’s outer suburbs built by Justus Jorgensen and his artists collective from the 1930’s. Montsalvat has a gorgeous rustic ambience and a fine mix of French Provincial and Medieval buildings. The grounds are luscious with flowers and green most of the year and a ceremony or reception package at Montsalvat also includes time for photography around the grounds. Receptions and ceremonies can be held in either the Great Hall or beside the ornamental pond. There is also a bluestone chapel for ceremonies that can seat about fifty and has a charming rustic feel. The great hall has polished wood floors and the lead-light windows and has a much greater capacity. Serendipity Photography thoroughly recommends Montsalvat for completely gorgeous wedding  photography, particularly for those who want a more romantic, charming or historic feel.Weddings at Montsalvat embody all the passion and romance that was so much a part of it’s construction in the 1930s. Montsalvat now covers twelve acres with winding paths between the various buildings—of which the bluestone nondenominational chapel and a stables are particularly attractive. Receptions and ceremonies can be held in either the Great Hall or beside the ornamental pond. There is also a chapel for ceremonies that can seat about fifty and has a charming rustic feel. The great hall has polished wood floors and the lead-light windows and has a much greater capacity.
    1. Ormond Pier
      Situated at the end of Head St in Elwood, Ormond Pier’s monumental weathered surface, stepping down to sea and sand affords Melbourne couples a grand stage, full of light and shadow. Ormond Pier’s broad expanse allows even the largest bridal party room to strut and fret, the western light sharply curving around the players — here couples can script lines and shapes of desire, the warm sun will fulfull all promised vows. Drama aside, Ormond Pier is close to everything, is easy to get to, has a ridiculously large parking capacity and it looks good too! 
    1. Kerford Road Pier
      The views of the sea and sky can help to make some incredibly dramatic photos, with colour and depth that we just love at Serendipity photography! If your idea of visiting the beach is sand, grit, flyaway hair and squints then think again. At Serendipity we love clouds and horizons and we revel in vast expanses of sky brought to perfection through a wide palette of controlled photography techniques and a caring eye. Kerford Rd is close to the city, has good amentities, a café and shade, which is invaluable on a hot day in formal attire.kirra kerford road pier beach
    1. The Grand Hotel, Spencer Street
      The Grand Hotel is an outstanding and historic location in Melbourne, built when railways were the jetliners of the day, and were intrinsically linked with prestige. Some rooms in The Grand feature  high ceilings and mezzanines that offer plenty of opportunities for creative photography, and tall curtained windows great for portraiture. The foyer has a glorious set of double stairs that are fantastic for wedding photography.
    2. Hotel Windsor
      To describe the Hotel Windsor as a grand duchess is completely inadequate, she is a queen. At Serendipity Photography we were smitten nineteen years ago — the Windsor is superlative for Melbourne wedding photography. At over 120 years old the Hotel Windsor is still exceptionally grand. Built in 1883, and having gone through many significant changes, such as the addition of the mansard roofed towers in Second Empire style. The Hotel Windsor has more great photography locations just outside your room, from the stylish period corridors to the grand staircase in the foyer, also beautifully appointed. The staircase is authentic turn-0f-the-century design and affords many photo opportunities.
    3. General Post Office
      The recent General Post Office renovations dust a fine dazzle of contemporary spice onto the gorgeous bones of one of Melbourne most loved Rennaissance Revival original thoroughbreds. At Serendipity Photography we appreciate the fine blend of old and new the GPO locale provides, the strong curves and textures and dramatic columns, the fantastic space of the colonnade. Melbourne’s GPO is now a inner city shopping precinct of “serious sophistication”. The GPO is a great wet weather photographic location, and is close to wonderful streetscapes and other notable buildings, good for optimising your wedding location photography opportunities, particularly, as it is often for many wedding couples, time is short.
    4. South Melbourne Town Hall
      South Melbourne Town Hall is a fantastic example of Melbourne’s noble official buildings, which came up all over Victoria during the Gold Rush Era. The surrounding areas have space and light, and are brilliant for larger groups or wedding photography involving several cars and the bridal party. The South Melbourne Town Hall offers, as well as the expected classic temple frontage with steps, portico and columns, grand wings ample space and a huge Victorian tower, other delights on other frontages. At Serendipity, we appreciate the way light plays over the many different surfaces and styles of the South Melbourne Town Hall facades and enjoy the variegated colours and textures of the surrounding buildings.
    5. Carlton Gardens/Exhibition Building/Melbourne Museum
      The Royal Exhibition Building is in Carlton Gardens which is surrounded by some of Melbourne’s best gardens, and some more great photography locations. The Royal Exhibition Building is one Melbourne’s most prominent buildings. There’s more to the Royal Exhibition Buildings and the Carlton gardens than beautiful architecture and design, the area is also a landmark of Victorian history. The garden as designed to compliment the Royal Exhibition Building has two ornamental lakes created in 1880, the beautiful French Fountain, and the even more elaborate Hochgurtel fountain, which mimics the themes Royal Exhibition Buildings, are complex and brilliant.
    6. Billilla Mansion
      Billilla on Halifax Street in Brighton is an ideal place for a wedding ceremony or location photography. Built on vast grounds in 1878 in a Jacobean style, Billilla Mansion is a classic example of turn-of-the-century Victorian architecture. At Serendipity Photography we’re always happy to work in such beautiful locations with such significance to local history. William Weatherley remade Billilla in the fashionable Art Nouveau style in 1988; couples can enjoy photography is the beautiful curved porch with carved columns, sweeping stairs and deco motifs.

      The gardens deserves special mention; after severe damage during a cyclone in 1918 the grounds were remade in a classic Victorian style featuring a fountain and rose garden, and grounds are shady with many lush evergreens. For a photographer gardens like this provide lots of inspiring backdrops for shoots, which change with the seasons and weather.


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