Wedding Planning, Styling and the Art of Vintage and DIY

So… you’re engaged!


So you’ll tell your family, have the wedding and walk happily through life together…  right?

(Well yes!)

But there is a whole lot more involved to get to that lovely place than you could have ever imagined when he pulled out that ring!

Wedding Planning and Styling

As a bride organising her own wedding you may well feel that there are a hundred styles to choose from, that you will be making lists of a thousand tasks and only a million things you need to oversee. Here at Serendipity, we want to help you plan a couple of things to make your day go smoothly. We are starting a series featuring unusual and personal approaches to wedding planning — the creative, personal touches that will transform your day, and your reception into something totally you, focussing your budget away from the little things onto big ticket items that will help you truly enjoy the day, like your dress, venue, photography, and (this is a big one) Honeymoon.

We will bring you stories of personal theming, the use of art, eclectic and thoughtful gifts, the sort of things that will help your guests and family really connect with your creativity and imagination.

Are your reaching for the very best? Wanting to find and move further towards your own style and aesthetic? We will look at stories featuring great wedding styling, bringing out the surprising and the beautiful. If your work is demanding and you have the means, a stylist will bring you a wealth of professional expertise and give your wedding more than just that little bit extra.

There are some creative alternatives to conventional place names. These table settings co-ordinate themes and colours with beautiful effect! Different materials can be used to create shimmering effects, with light dancing across the guests’ glasses.

Wedding Colours

serendipity photography

Sorting out your colour themes can be a source of pleasure and a great way to express your ideas and personality. Is your wedding about colour, or tones and shades or both? Black and white can go with bright colours, jazzy sounds, layered drinks and olives, shafts of coloured light and thumping party sound. Alternatively, your style may embrace black and white as classic — all pure white roses (hint of green leaf point can just be allowed here) and a matching set of creamy Rollers, the Bridal Cars curved and gliding up to the Portico of your mansion or estate in subtle mastery.

Stay tuned for more advice about wedding colours, colour and photography post production and wedding theming in the Serendipity Photography blog!

serendipity photography

Wedding Fashion, Accessories and DIY!

For all the ladies out there with crafty hands, (especially those lucky ladies who are surrounded by family and friends with crafty hands) making some, or all of your wedding paraphernalia can save big $$, as well as ensure that your wedding is tailored specifically to you, by the person who knows you best… You!

If aesthetics is your natural place of movement then reach into your own bag of tricks for something from your soul, bring out your art and fashion sense in your one day in your life. From Lighting to The Dress, from Bomboniere to the Cake, we’ll be exploring all the ways that the internet can help you plan a beautiful, unique, (and cost effective!) wedding. If you have any stories you would like to share about your experiences planning (or helping plan) any aspect of a wedding, please feel free to comment here, or send us your story at info@​serendipitiyimages.​com.​au

3 Responses to “Wedding Planning, Styling and the Art of Vintage and DIY
  1. Vanessa 29 May 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    When we started planning our wedding we knew we wanted a theme which was unique as well as one which captured who we were as a couple — so we got to brainstorming! We decided on a vintage/retro theme. After we’d booked our wedding venue at the gorgeous Lyrebird Falls, we had lots of fun choosing colours and organising details to match.

    We wanted our wedding to feature personal touches and we achieved this by including handmade decorative elements; we designed and created our own invitations, ceremony booklets, place-cards for the reception tables, bomboniere and many more! It was very special to by able to have all these DIY elements, and working on the ideas together as a couple was a wonderful opportunity (one of the first of many projects together!)
    However looking back I’m not sure we’d try to take on quite so much…! The combination of planning, organising, designing and making all the different bits and pieces was fun and very rewarding — but it was also very time consuming.

    Our advice for other couples would be to weigh up the pros and cons of a DIY wedding — the opportunity to style with unique details and personal touches — they’re things you just can’t buy. We loved the way our wedding theme was reflected in every detail — from the sharp suits and gorgeous vintage hats worn by Dean and his groomsmen, the ceremony ribbons in the garden setting, to the reception tables. We were so happy with the elegant effect — we probably would have delegated a bit more in hindsight — oh well… a tip for our wedding anniversary!

  2. Samantha 20 April 2012 at 7:31 pm #

    I wanted to create and reflect the theme of elegance and timelessness. The combination of vintage modern elements was what we believed would make our day unique and reflect our personalities.
    We’ve chosen Manor on High as our reception venue and are really excited to see the final effect of all our special touches!
    We are having a high gloss white dance floor custom made and it will be surrounded by black tables with damask hand made runners. The tables will have conic glasses with large balls of white flowers and cascading orchards. All the guests will have handmade feather name tags. The bridal table will be elevated and will have the 1.5 meter crystal cake stand in front of it accentuated with custom timber carvings of our names.

  3. Marcus 9 February 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    The whole theme to the wedding was to bring along a very fresh spring vibe to September. Many of our guests were from overseas, where beaches are rare. Hence a lot of Yellow was used i.e invitation cards, table place cards, wishing well. However, as the venue was very modern and white, the two bright colours would seem to clash. Therefore, our co-ordinator Yelka at Elegant Occasions incorporated a lot of pink and purple to break it up. Vibrant purple lights aimed at the ceiling, and plenty of white, yellow and pink roses and orchids where used to create a fairytale style wedding with an elegant touch.

    Our florist/wedding stylist was Elegant Occasions in Hallam. Yelka and her team were friendly, helpful and super committed. One of her team members even flew down from Darwin just to be a part of it! They battled like troops all through the early hours of the day (6am start) all the way till the end of the night, where everything was put together just as requested. There were no hiccups whatsoever. The ceremony area was set up like that of a fairytale wedding. Yelka acted as more than a wedding co-ordinator that evening, but was an honourary elder sister for the night. She was constantly checking that the flower clips on the groomsman’s suits had not been wrecked, made sure we drank plenty of water throughout the night and attention to detail was second to none. To the point where all the serviettes that Leonda had on the tables where replaced as she felt they would suit the flowers and setting more if they were folded a special way and had a pattern on them.


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