Five tips for a cbd wedding

RMIT modern Serendipity Wedding Photography

Some couples run far away to find peace and tranquility, whereas others love buzz and energy of the inner city.

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

If this is you then you might desire to spend your whole day in the city, or may just want to pop in for some location shoots. Regardless, Serendipity has some tips and tricks for you.

Serendipity Wedding Photography CBD locations

1. Indulge in abundant modern and heritage locations

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

Melbourne features some fine examples of late 1800s architecture. The Paris or East end of Collins Street has chic shop fronts from this time — it has always been a centre of fashion (as well as banks and dental clinics)!

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

There is almost nothing better than the glass windows and skyscrapers of the city  for those who want something contemporary.

Melbourne CBD skyscapers in Wedding Photography: Serendipity Image

Sometimes you discover something special about a location on the day. Look at how the rain and decorated window for the current exhibit made this shot of Melbourne Museum breathtakingly unique.

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

Grand hotels remind us of yesteryear from both the inside and outside.

CBD Wedding Serendipity Potography

There is Parliament House, with its fine stone work and Grecian columns. Charles Jardine Don, 19th century Stonemason and MP, used to attend Parliamentary sessions in the day and help with building in the evenings.

Parliament House Serendipity Wedding Photo

Royal Arcade and Block Arcade sit shyly between city streets, boasting rich colours and a Christmas feel.

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

And then there is the modern art to pose with.

Contemporary art Melbourne CBD Serendipity Wedding Photography

Which naturally leads us to the many buildings of RMIT.

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

The city is a mix of new and old. Why not style your album in the same way?

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography


2. Choose an inner city park

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

Parks add a relaxing, green element to your album (and your day)! There are plenty around the city. Treasury Gardens are only a short walk from Collins Street and Parliament.

Treasury Gardens Serendipity Photo Melbourne

Towards the South lies the Botanic Gardens, which has striking iron lace gates.

 Deco gates at the Royal Botanic Gardens Serendipity Melbourne Wedding Photography

Or you could to Carlton Gardens to get a shot of the Exhibition Building sitting behind you.

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

It also has fabulous water fountains.

Carlton Gardens Serendipity Wedding Image

The vines of the Victoria Barracks are interesting in all seasons. Make sure to plan ahead and talk to us about a permit if you want to use this inner city piece of greenery.

Victoria Barracks Winter Serendipity Wedding PhotoVictorian Barracks Serendipity Wedding Image


3. Consider Nearby Suburbs

Webb Bridge Modern Wedding Photography Serendipity

We urge aficionados of modern architecture to consider the metal spider trails of Webb Bridge in Docklands.

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

Nearby South Melbourne Town Hall provides a variety of heritage backdrops and suits a wedding party of any size. Its large Grecian columns add a touch of majesty to the album.

4. Work with the cityscape

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

There’s nothing more iconic to Melbourne than a tram. Why not get a couple of shots if one comes rumbling by?

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

Contemporary photography often contrasts high fashion with locations that range from everyday to downright gritty (think models posing against New York rubbish bins) to surreal and modern.

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

The city is bustling with these spots — not to mention advertising, for you to pose against.

Wedding in the Melbourne CBD Serendipity Wedding Image

Advertising works so well as it is a slightly unexpected backdrop, but upon viewing it becomes clear that it captures something about modern life we usually do not pay much attention to.

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

5. Take a veil

This is a bit cheeky on our part, as we recommend every bride bring veil, however there’s no better place to do it than an accidental wind tunnel!

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

You can have your long veil draped across the floor, à la Queen Elizabeth.

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

Or let your veil soar in the wind for a very modern glamour.

CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography CBD Wedding Serendipity Photography
CBD Wedding Serendipity PhotographyCBD Wedding Serendipity Photography

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