Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Fulfilling this old adage can be a fun, low stress thing to do for your wedding. It is also a good way to stretch your boundaries, as it is not unlikely you will find things that you never would have even thought of. Serendipity has a few tips to assist you in this sweet wedding game.

Bride Samantha in contemporary shot

Something old

annie vintage bridal c3

You can go as big or small as you like with this. We even had one beautiful bride use her grandmother’s dress! Family connections are common, with many brides wearing heirlooms. Vintage jewellery is a very nice addition if you’re lucky to have any! Just be sure to wear something durable — you have a big day ahead of you!

You can also fulfil this in spirit rather than to the letter by wearing vintage styles. Hair and clothes can be changed to become reminiscent of yesteryear. The 1950’s is a very glamourous period, especially when teamed with a vintage car.

mai monsalvat c4

Melbourne is chock full of stunning locations from yesteryear. For instance you couldn’t go past Monsalvat, which fulfils two of our four categories here! Having an in at Whelan, Jorgensen and friends preserved some of the best features of some of the beautiful Melbourne building as they were torn down to make way for the modern city we live in. The Gables is a stunning Queen Anne mansion, with a gorgeous garden and beautiful interiors to suit your period theme.

nicola gables c4

Something new

Of course your something new, can include some of Melbourne’s dazzling modern architecture.

melanie fed square chev c5

Serendipity favourites include Docklands, including the iconic flow of  Webb Bridge, and Melbourne Arts Centre and of course Fed Square.

Modern themeing can extend to your reception as well — you cant go past the Atlantic Group for their stunning collection of modern venues at Docklands, Sketch, Peninsula and Maia. Red Scooter offers marvellous contemporary eclectic style, and also locally we appreciate The International of Brighton’s new sharp lines and years and years of excellent service.

serendipity photography melbourne marina brighton international 8 1000 600x398 The International of Brighton: Contemporary Elegance Serendipity Photography

The “something new” can be fulfilled by buying a new dress– especially a couture number made just for you. But there are plenty of other options for the more adventurous. Veils, with their fine mesh, often have to be new, and look great in photographs. While many brides choose vintage styles for dresses, almost all wear modern shoes.

Something borrowed

samantha brooch bouquet c2 630x309 Samanthas Bridal Blog   the Brooch Bouquet Serendipity Photography

in A brooch bouquet, a beautiful way to feature your something borrowed, where antique jewellery can also be combined, with new pieces as well — perhaps even something blue too! Some Serendipity brides have featured buttons and brooches from the family collection, or grandparent’s medals in their brooch bouquets.

kar dress flowers c4

At Serendipity we think you should borrow from someone close to you, or someone whose style you admire. Consulting with whoever you borrow from is a great way to change your look subtly, and add a little bit of a loved one into it.You could also rent things, like ornate jewellery, from shops and websites.

sketch? vibrant c3

Something blue

bianca blue c3

Think of blue ribbon round your bouquet, lining of a cape or even some little blue stones in your ears! Do you like a deep sapphire blue or little bits of cyan better? Blue highlights a white wedding dress wonderfully, so don’t be afraid to show it off.

dress flowers blue s3bridal brooch boquet


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