Sophistication and Grace with Serendipity’s Classic Photography Style

ssu yuan tatra classic s3 Serendipity’s lovely Classic Style will suit those who love the timeless feel of Jackie O, Grace Kelly and the Hepburns. Serendipity Wedding Photography - Classic Style The Spectacular Butleigh Woottonthanh dress c4 630x228 Serendipity Wedding Photography - Classic Style With colours often muted to something closer to black and white, composition, lighting and texture become very important. Serendipity Wedding Photography - Classic Style Serendipity Wedding Photography - Classic StyleScenic locations are used carefully so as to be chic, but not overpowering. Think of the smooth lines of an old Melbourne Hotel, or curled irons of an Art Nouveau gate, the grace of traditional church garden framing you gently, or the soft lines of foliage, a perfect foil for the bell of your beautiful dress! leila classic s2 ssu yuan tatra c3 The movement and shape of the subjects is very important to Classic Photography. Each image should project a feeling of naturalness and grace. Serendipity Wedding Photography - Classic Style The way you turn your head, hands and feet ever so slightly can change the image. ssu yuan bridal classic c3 serendipity classic The right photographer can guide you through this process seamlessly, keeping you, and your body language, relaxed. leila car classic s3 Serendipity Wedding Photography - Classic Style   ssu yuan billilla classic s4 The Classic Style draws from glamourous periods of our history, adding a strong collection of gorgeous things to its repertoire. You can find inspiration the beautiful 1920s, defined so strongly by Coco Chanel, or a early Victorian’s take on the renaissance in our Italianate mansions.annie south melbourne town hall S2 630x420 South Melbourne Town Hall  a Mood for Every Season Serendipity Photography leila fitzroy town hall s3 Serendipity Wedding Photography - Classic Stylesan jani northbrook s2 630x945 Celebrating Malvern! Serendipity Photography

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