How to pin a flower on a lapel

Serendipity Wedding Photography - How To Pin A Buttonhole to a Lapel

Pinning a flower to a blazer is an under appreciated art. A poor technique will cause the flower to wobble, fall off or make the jacket sit badly. Luckily Serendipity is here to explain how to pin a flower, or boutonnière, onto a groom.

How to pin a flower on a lapel

First get the groom to face forward, and stand on his right side. Places the flower on the front of the lapel, and curve the lapel around the stalk, until the lapel is gently folded over the flower in a pinched ‘V’ shape with the stalk in the bottom of the ‘V’. Stick the pin directly through the fabric without bending it, fixing the flower on. The pinhead should be placed towards the inside of the jacket so it does not show.

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Now unfold the lapel. There will be a slight dint in the lapel which needs to be straightened. Bend the pin backwards, towards the groom’s body, so the jacket sits straight. And voilà! You have a perfectly pinned boutonnière sitting securely on the groom’s chest!
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At Serendipity we recommend getting an extra boutonnière, as they can be lost or crushed during the day.


Alternate Options

Some couples prefer silk flowers. Many are surprised to learn that quality silk flowers can cost more than natural ones! Silk flowers can come with a pin in the back, like a brooch, and can be kept as a memento.

You can also affix the flowers with a magnet. At Serendipity we do not recommend this for two reasons: the magnet doesn’t always hold through fabric, and has to be affixed to the flower by a florist, which is very difficult and often fails. A pin is more secure.

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