Vicki and Arthur at Mordialloc Beach

Vicki and Arthur’s wedding featured a Greek Orthodox ceremony, celebrations at Merrimu receptions and some lovely locations like Billilla and Mordialloc beach, which we were especially excited to photograph.

These dramatic shots at Mordialloc beach capture Vicki and Arthur in cool, windswept moments; here their intimate moments are surrounded by the exciting expanse of sea.

Arthur and Vicki thought the photographs at Billilla are lovely, especially the shots of them in the rain. They said that in their culture, having both sun and rain in the same day was a good sign, a coincidence suggesting amazing luck to come.

vicky brideimp c33

Vicki’s dress was made by Raffaele Ciucca.

vicky groom c444 The ceremony was held at Parkdale’s Greek Orthodox church, a church historically significant for Vicki and her family, because it was were she was baptized and her parents were married.

Vicki and Arthur had the backroom at Merrimu, which they thought had a really lovely feeling. They were impressed with the great food and perfect service!

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  1. Vicky and Arthur 13 May 2013 at 8:54 pm #

    One of the things that strikes us about our album from Serendipity is that the photos are natural but still very expressive. There are so many different sorts of looks and colours. Some are very warm and we loved the silhouette shots and the dramatic skies. One of our favourites is the shot with the rainbow when it was raining at Billilla. Our day had such very Melbourne weather — sunny on one hand and then a sudden downpour. In our culture that means that you have a lot of very good luck. One of the very best features is the two pages at the back of the album with all our guests and reception details in it and cute little pictures.

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