Gordon Reserve

Gordon Reserve: Classic Elegance

A picturesque triangle somewhat unexpectedly found by the old Parliament House buildings, the Gordon Reserve was originally part of the Parliament House grounds, though it detached in 1863. Named for Adam Lindsay Gordon, an important — if somewhat tragic — Australian poet, the reserve is a significant heritage site, which celebrates various Australian luminaries as well as honours the artistic work of it’s contributors.

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Dedicated to maintaining a traditional Edwardian flavour, the Gordon Reserve has been continuously updated with a sensitivity to it’s traditional layout, as well as the surrounding heritage buildings, making it a beautiful background for classical wedding photography. The Reserve is the site of the beautiful Stanford Fountain, a neo baroque fountain sumptuously carved out of bluestone by William Stanford whilst in Pentridge Prison. With it’s elegant arrangement of eagles, dolphins, and the central figure of the cherubic boy, the fountain epitomises the classical feel of Gordon Reserve.

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The Statue of Gordon of Khartoum, placed at the apex of the triangular space in 1889, is a memorial to General Charles Gordon, an important figure in imperial history. The lovingly detailed statue is an example of the revitalisation of sculpture that began during the classical Renaissance, and developed into the naturalistic representations of the Industrial revolution. The statue itself is a copy of Hamo Thorneycroft’s statue that had been originally commissioned for Trafalgar Square. Unlike Thorneycroft’s work, the base and pedestal of the statue shows scenes from Gordon’s life. The beautiful statue emphasises the old world feel of the Reserve, and complements the tradition of memory and greenery that the Gordon Reserve has created.

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Yet another piece of lovingly crafted sculpture is the Adam Lindsay Gordon Memorial. The well executed work by Paul Montford was erected on the centenary of Gordon’s birth. Gordon, an Australian poet, who’s work spoke extensively of a fortitude of character typified by the Australian national identity. The combination of these three significant statuary works, collaborating with the refined link fence and the five Canary Island date palm trees, creates a harmonious colonial Edwardian landscape that Serendipity Photography loves to use as a background for wedding photography.

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Serendipity Photography Favourite Nearby Locations

The area near Treasury, Parliament and the Hotel Windsor is full of many beautiful areas for stunning wedding images. Please feel free to browse Serendipity Photography’s pages on these wonderful locations for more information, history and wedding images!

The Hotel Windsor, Gordon Reserve and the Stanford Fountain

The Hotel Windsor, high Victorian in inspiration, has been compared to a gracious queen. The Hotel Windsor has a distinct skyline thanks to it’s twin mansard roofed towers built in the Second Empire style, a façade created in a broadly Renaissance revivalist style, and is often photographed from the other sides of Spring Street,  particularly from the classic styled Gordon Reserve, graced by the beautiful Stanford Fountain - please visit these pages for more images and stories of the intruiging history of these Melbourne landmarks. The Hotel Windsor is one of Melbourne’s most beloved heritage buildings.

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Parliament House

Parliament House dominates the skyline, stting on the corner of Spring Street and Bourke Street. Parliament House is one of the finest examples of british Empire colonial civic architecture anywhere. With it’s classical colonnade and portico, the building creates an impressive background for wedding photographs. Parliament House is close to many other nearby wedding locations, and is a useful start to a winter, wet day or short day wedding location tour. One of the loveliest possibilities is to shoot along Bourke Street at dusk, from the top of the steps — Parliament House is also a wonderful location at night!

Please read Serendipity’s page on the history of Parliament House for more images and information on one of a favourite wedding locations!

Old Treasury

One of the most beautiful Rennaissance inspired pieces of Victorian architecture in Melbourne, the Old Treasury building was constructed between 1858 and 1862.  The building reflects the vision of Melbourne’s contemporary architects and the heady confidence of the new colony in the days of gold rush. With elegant proportions, three main entrances, a central portico in “Italian palazzo” form,  colonnaded arcades, and elaborate window pilasters and pediments, the Old Treasury building is seen as one of the finest Victorian landmarks in Melbourne. At Serendipity Photography we love Old Treasury’s subtle creamy sandstone, intricate detailing, generous terrace and curve balustrades and steps — so many variations are possible in a limited timeframe.  Couples can walk down to lawns and mature trees of the Treasury Gardens which is right next door.

Princess Theatre

The National trust listed Princess Theatre , has seen 150 years of Melbourne society, theatre and history. The Princess Theatre’s Renaissance and Second Empire styling is beautiful for wedding location photography — at Serendipity we love the warm incandescent theatre lights creating a magical ambience, particularly at dusk.

To recap — at Serendipity Photography we recommend Gordon Reserve as a wonderful place to start your wedding location photography, with its classic fountain and surrounded by stunning Renaissance inspired architecture. This location is perfect for couples with limited time, and surrounding areas can also provide shelter on wet or cold days.

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