Kings Arcade

The historic Kings Arcade, located at 974 High Street, Armadale is a National Trust classified building. Its period aesthetic and close proximity to a variety of churches and reception centres, renders it a perfect location for elegant and interesting wedding photos. Serendipity are pleased to recommend this charming arcade as a unique complement both for classic and contemporary weddings (especially those with a vintage feel.)

Kings Arcade was built in 1893 by Mr.Frederick Philips. In 1915 the arcade was acquired by Frederick King who was a fruiterer, and used the original shops at the front of the arcade for his burgeoning business. In 1921 Frederick King made the arcade into a thoroughfare by providing a link from High St through to Armadale railway station, at the back of the arcade. Hence, the fitting name of Railway Arcade, was its original name. At this time, trams did not go all the way into the city so the only public transport into the city was via Armadale station. The arcade was the link from the busy High St where the tram finished to Flinders Streets station. During this period it was one of the busiest thoroughfares in Australia. In 1946 Gordon King, the son of Frederick, undertook major renovations of the arcade and renamed the arcade Kings Arcade. Further renovations took place in the 80’s with the addition of a glass roof. Today, the arcade is still in the King family with Philip and Robert King, the grandsons of Frederick.

The Arcade’s third-generation proprietors have carefully selected each provider on the criteria they are simply the best at what they doing, bringing you a memorable shopping and service experience in one of Melbourne’s premier iconic, boutique arcade environments — fit for Kings and Queens and perfectly placed between rail and tram in the heart of High Street. As you and your bridal party stroll down the elegantly tiled floor, and past the lush indoor plants, the natural light which streams in through the glass ceilings flatters the complexion of the bride, creating romantically lit scenes, that we at Serendipity are excited to capture.


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