Victoria Barracks

The striking Gothic style architecture of the Victoria Barracks has long been a sought after destination for wedding day photography. The bold bluestone exterior is a lovely match for intricate details such as the eye catching columns, a grand stone staircase and gorgeous doorways.

The result? a charming backdrop for classic portraits of the bride and groom, with the historic architecture setting a subtle contrast against the flowing lines of the brides gown. Couples choose the Victoria Barracks for a multiplicity of reasons; the combination of ivy and bluestones is reminiscent of our memories of our British and European origins, family memories of members who served, or current or recent Defence membership, or quite tangentially, the desire to see Serendipity magic in creating painterly or gothic artwork. The Barracks is a place that inspires us to play with colour and tone, sharp reds and greens with blue and citrus contrasts, strong warm tones, the lively feel of our red sepias, or much more muted tints where interest predominately derives from shape and texture. Romantic or contemporary, at Serendipity we recommend the Victoria Barracks as a enchanting and versatile place for memories and the creation of personal artwork that truly expresses your sense of your day.

The Barracks offer beautiful touches and variations throughout the year, however it is during the atmospheric Autumn months; particularly April and May, that this unique location really comes alive.

Serendipity Photography adores the wall length ivy which decorates the street façade, providing a breathtaking detail as the newly wed couple enjoy the romantic and aesthetically pleasing surrounds.

The Barracks enviable position on St Kilda Road renders it abundant with attractive features such as: easy and plentiful parking, great access into the city, as well as close proximity to a number of other landmarks including the South Melbourne Town Hall, Royal Botanic Gardens and Vault. The impressive scale of the Barracks makes it a perfect option for large group shots; you might even choose to coördinate the bridesmaids accessories with the striking red and green of the enchanting ivy!

Built by 40th regiment soldiers in 1858, the Barracks are rich in history, creating a unique element in your wedding day album. The interesting selection of historical artifacts which are placed within the front grounds including a field gun and a WWI canon make great additions to more modern compositions (particularly for those history buffs out there!)

Part of the Barracks long reigning popularity for photographers and wedding parties alike, is its rich history and continuing function as a site of importance. Today the building remains Government land, and as such special permission is required for photographing it. Couples who are planning to visit the Barracks as one of their locations for wedding day photography should be advised that a it is necessary to apply for a permit before your special day. This process usually takes no more than 2 weeks, Serendipity recommend following the link here: Photography on Public and Government Land to get started. This minor formal obstacle is well worth it, as the Victoria Barracks are a strikingly elegant backdrop for wedding day photography!

For couples who prefer more classic style portraits which enhance the elegant tones of their wedding day; you’ve come to the right place, for the Victoria Barracks — aptly named after the regal Queen Victoria — are the picture of traditional sophistication. The vibrant tones of the lush green and russet red ivy proves a desirable centrepiece for elegant wedding day photography, whilst the lovely selection of other fine details including landscaped front grounds, grand trees casting romantic dappled light, and stone entrance stairs provide charming backdrops for intimate and wonderfully romantic portraits of bride and groom.




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  1. serendipity 12 June 2013 at 2:35 pm #

    Hi Dharshana,

    you will need a permit from the defense force for security reasons. In our experience it takes two weeks to get a permit, and is faster if you get the forms from the barracks rather than get them posted out (try asking at the gatehouse at St Kilda road). Of course, we can’t guarantee this! We have emailed the defense force to find the exact places where you can get a permit, but in the meantime you might also want to look by either inquiring at the gate house on St Kilda road or exploring defense​.gov​.au.

    Yours sincerely,
    Serendipity Wedding Photography

  2. Dharshana 26 May 2013 at 8:10 pm #

    Beautiful shots!! serendipity always amazes me! is barracks open for public or should we need some booking in advance??

  3. Belma 4 June 2012 at 4:42 pm #

    We loved the Barracks!
    I think this is the perfect location for couples who want classic pictures that hold plenty of colour and emotion. The colours from the vines and the leaves are just incredible!
    Serendipity gave us very romantic photos with a beautiful European feel. The Barracks are such a special part of Melbourne — you really feel a sense of the history and stories of the building when you’re there — it was like being in a fairy tale!
    The colours are just beautiful — such a variety of golds, greens and rich red tones — we absolutely loved the leaves!

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