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Great cities are recognised by their spectacular examples of artistic architecture. Webb Bridge is an amazing example of what is possible when architects, artists and developers collaborate with long term vision. Spanning 110 metres across the Yarra River, this new bridge creates a ‘snaking’ pedestrian and cycle gateway between the Southbank promenade at Yarra’s Edge and the Docklands. We at Serendipity Photography love the photographic potential of the recently developed Docklands, and adore the striking architecture and glamorous details that can be found in the soon to be iconic Webb Bridge.

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Designed as part of a public art project, to install a new bridge in Melbournes Docklands area, Webb Bridge which was opened in 2002 was a collaborative project between architects Denton Corker Marshall and artist Robert Owen. The brief called for the re-use of the remaining sections of the Webb Dock Rail Bridge, in order to link the Docklands on the north-side to the new residential developments on the south-side. Constructed off-site, the bridge structure was towed into place on barges at high tide, then gently lowered onto its final resting-place as the tide slowly subsided. The bridge comprises two distinct sections: the 145m long existing structure and a new curved 80m long ramped link. Both are joined seamlessly, with an emphasis on volume and containment within the curved and sinuous form.  As you approach the south bank, the hoops regain their intensity and evolve into a cocoon like form. This gradation of pattern was intended to create a life, a moment in time. Which is beautifully similar to the tone captured on your wedding day. From the moment it was established, the existing remnant of Webb Dock Rail Bridge and its new connection to the south bank, became a unified sculptural form. The resulting structure suggests a new connection, or a knot, between the old and new, past and future. Serendipity highly recommend the bridge as a stunning location for wedding day shots, complementing the bride and groom both aesthetically and symbolically.

Webb Bridge is down-to-earth, a project Melbourne can be proud of, built among the superannuated towers of Docklands. It suggests, romantically, the fishing nets, cages, middens and naughty hosiery of the old wharfs. It is biological and ethereal, a stab in the dark and sculptural. As an object, it appears as a delineated structure, a sensuous volume, light and linear. Space is seen as atmospheric, dynamic and transitional. Standing at 6 metres tall, this spectacular lattice hooped sculpture– Webb Bridge– is an interesting, unique-looking bridge actually designed to represent a Koori eel trap.


Our experience at Serendipity Photography with this locations allows a fast flow in shooting along the Webb Bridge site, with its changing radii and placement, and sets of ribs and plates. At Serendipity we know just where to find the right set of curves, the right vistas and angle of the light. There are so many ways to play these shapes and tones; at Serendipity the ability to visualise the final look within all the possible variations in colour tints and contrast, as well as density treatments — soft and warm, brilliantly aqua blue, powerful high contrast options, delicate monos or even floaty pale regular colour — helps in this process of rapid shooting within the tough time constraints of wedding location photography timetables. And also the associated walkways, cafes, the underpass and palms — at Serendipity we truly believe that the Webb Bridge area is one of Melbourne’s top ten contemporary wedding photography locations!

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The sprawling web-like form of the bridge’s sides and roof are reminiscent of the Art Deco period. And suggests the full skirt and elegant lines of the bridal dress, though in this case it’s a dress cast in steel rather than white silk! Whether you enjoy the location during the day– when soft natural light cascades through the open roof. Or at twilight, as the sun sets– casting trails of romantic light and leaving the subtlest rosy glow on the bride. At Serendipity we love capturing the bride and groom as they bask in the intricate splendour of this unique piece of architecture.

Serendipity Photography Webb Bridge

Webb Bridge is an aesthetically beautiful and convenient location for a selection of wedding day shots. The connecting point between Southbank Boulevard and the Docklands, the bridge is close by to many other exceptional locations, such as historic wharfs, grand promenades, parklands, to name a few. Just a footstep away from the popular Docklands with its abundant selection of award winning restaurants, stylish bars and gorgeous views. Take in gorgeous panoramic views of the Yarra river as you stroll along the bridge. A short walk into the CBD, where you will find countless reception venues, charming locations and hotels, the Webb Bridge is a viable and exciting location to add to your wedding day repertoire.

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At Serendipity Photography we are enchanted by the possibilities and varied moods of  the Webb Bridge — soft, floaty colours, subtle monochromes all the way to a sharper shade of bright — whether you want lace or steel, trapezoid sky panels or a vast expanse of clouds, the Webb Bridge and its surrounding approaches are some of our top recommendations for contemporary wedding location photography.

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  1. Belma 4 June 2012 at 3:55 pm #

    What a fantastic location!
    Webb Bridge is the perfect setting for dramatic wedding day photography. We loved the way Serendipity captured so many interesting lines and colours. The Docklands is such a unique part of Melbourne — where else can you find such a beautiful combination of sea and modern architecture? The contrasts are truly breathtaking. We had fun strolling underneath the impressive steel web ceiling — catching glimpses of the sky above. We love the interesting lines and shapes — what a great spot for photos!
    Thank you!


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