Bayview on the Park

Bayview on the Park offers a gorgeous view of Melbourne’s city-side Albert Park, located on Queens road, a beautiful vista through the floor-to-ceiling glass that forms a wall of its ballroom. Its great for receptions, complete with catering and dance floor, offering an elegant space to celebrate your special occasion.

Photography at Bayview is a pleasure, the graceful interiors and details contrast with the green, leafy views into the park. We love the lighting and the ambience.

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  1. Angela 27 September 2012 at 2:38 pm #

    There were quite a few reasons why we chose Bayview on the Park for our wedding celebrations. Particularly, the flexibility in the room set up, the incredible food, convenience in terms of getting to the city … but for us, with our large number of international guests, the deciding factor were the large number of rooms they had on site at great rates, rates which included nearly everything. We really loved that because we could all have breakfast together the next day in the atrium, with a real sense of gathering with our family and friends.

    We’re really delighted with Bayview on the Park, their services are excellent. We have no complaints, they even upgraded us to a honeymoon double-sized suite with a separate living area. We had our whole crowd in for drinks after the function.

    Bayview on the Park were quite flexible with the sizing, you could have any combination of their four rooms, and this versatility also extended to their rates, which are very good. We like the customer service, we had a dedicated function person, and we appreciated the free tasting. Some of our favourites were the lamb and the panna cotta. It really made planning our wedding a bit easier.

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