The Centre Ivanhoe

The Centre Ivanhoe is perfect for the Art Deco lover in the northern suburbs, boasting all the glamour of early Hollywood. The large 1937 former town hall has 5  rooms, including the Great Hall, where your bridal table can sit on a low circular stage amid red drapes. The ceilings are high, the lines of the room straight and minimalist, and a series of little balconies peep out above alcoves, like in the theatre. It can seat almost 500 people with a dancefloor. There are another 3 large function rooms: the Conder Room, McCubbin Room and Streeton Room, which seat a more modest 100, 130 and 200 with a dancefloor respectively. These rooms have themes of Deco Squares, whether it be the gleaming blockiness framing the Streeton Room, or the tasteful orange arches of the Conder Room.

Complement your reception at The Centre Ivanhoe with a beautiful retro car. The venue is close to both buses and trains, making it easier for your guests to get home. More information can be found at the venue’s website.

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