The Gables

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The Gables is a beautifully elegant space, an ideal site offering an array of stunning photographic backdrops. Located in the heart of the Gascoigne Estate, at 15 Finch St, East Malvern, the Gables is a classic example of Victorian period architecture. Serendipity is happy to recommend this charming centre, as it boasts ample backgrounds and scenery for a myriad of gorgeous wedding day shots.

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The Queen Anne style mansion has stood proudly since its construction in 1902 by architects Ussher and Kemp.

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The charm and elegance of the century old residence has been carried through to the present day.

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It is clear as you weave your way down the sweeping driveway, take a turn around the tranquil garden and delight at the open fireplaces, stained glass windows, drawing room, a leadlight conservatory and elegant décor, that were are many details to enjoy at this grand residence. Set in one of East Malvern’s most coveted tree-lined streets, the oh so beautiful Finch St, this grand old home and its stately grounds provide the perfect atmosphere in which to celebrate one of your most important days.

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At Serendipity we have observed that atmosphere and architecture of The Gables provides the perfect supportive backdrop to today’s wedding couple. This exquisite reception centre is one of the finest examples of romantic Queen Anne mansions in Melbourne. The double return verandahs wrap themselves around the house, as you glide across their expanse. Enjoy the picturesque garden, with its charming fountains, decorative vines, rose covered pergola and a lovely variety of plants and flowers and the ornate Queen Anne spiral. Carefully maintained, the garden provides a myriad of photographic potential. Capture the bride’s sparkling glow through the trails of water drops, and heighten the rustic atmosphere by shooting through foliage. At Serendipity we enjoy providing alternatives to The Gables fresh green tones, by creating interesting tints, monochromatic treatments as well as partial sepia tints in your photographic prints.

Serendipity loves the authenticity of this lovingly restored mansion as it offers a opportunity for the wedding party to step back in time. Whether you are a traditional couple who wish to embrace the historic charm of the location, by applying the original era to your day by staging your very own period wedding. Add the right tones colours, style of dress, fans, a feather or two, an antique broach or Grandma’s pearls, and you will be right there. Or if you simply wish to give your contemporary ceremony a romantic twist, The Gables could well be the place for you.

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Whatever the weather, you can feel complete confidence in The Gables ability to deliver the perfect setting, and Serendipity’s skilled use of observation, a creative eye and camera techniques to perfectly capture every glance and scene. If you’re having a garden ceremony at The Gables, no need to fret if the weather turns, for the spacious drawing room can accommodate even the most grand wedding– at little notice the staff will magically transform a garden ceremony into a gracious indoor ceremony complete with chandeliers, candelabra and fresh flowers. It may save you from having to choose what wonderful spot to be in!

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At Serendipity we are overjoyed at the abundance of picturesque spots both in and outdoors at The Gables, to frame and backdrop your brilliance as a couple. Elegance and beauty are hallmarks of the large variety of photographs possible at The Gables, with the possibility of effortless changes of nuance and mileau. The bedrooms lend themselves to romantic bridal portraits, with appropriately decorative furnishings and distinctive screens. The smoking room is covered in rich reds and golds, and the verandahs a wonder of Edwardian grace, Raffles but a step away.

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The Gables Mansion and Gardens are open to the public for inspection from 12.00pm to 2.00pm most Saturdays.

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