Manor on High

Manor on High, located in central Epping is one of Melbourne’s most sought after wedding reception venues. It has become synonymous with wedding reception’s in the North. With its elegantly grand exterior, luscious expansive grounds and charming interior, It’s not difficult to see why. At Serendipity Photography we can’t help but fall in love with the Manor on High too, and think that the exceptional facilities and classic features when coupled with the gorgeous scenery make Manor on HIgh a heavenly location, perfect for a myriad of photo opportunities. Your day will past smoothly in this convenient location, with ample parking, gracious grounds and opulent rooms. Your special day will be remembered for all the best reasons, as Manor on High’s French Georgian styling embraces and compliments the highest standards of banquet excellence. Allowing you to treat your guests to a distinctively scrumptious feast prepared exclusively for you your award winning chef.

From the moment you arrive at Manor on High you will be spoilt for choice as there are simply endless backdrops and stunning indoor rooms for the perfect wedding day shot. As you and your guests weave down the tree lined avenue– whether you arrive by horse and cart, or in a classic limousine– you will be met by a peaceful, yet celebratory atmosphere. Your expectations will be surpassed as you enjoy all Manor on High has to offer. In our 22 years of shooting weddings we at Serendipity recognise the facilities and aesthetic’s are ideal for a beautiful selection of photographs. The variety of function rooms allow weddings of all shapes and sizes to celebrate in style at Manor on High, whether you choose the Grand ballroom which literally shimmers with contemporary opulence, catering for up to 650 guests, or the more intimate Regency room, you and your guests will feel like kings and queens in this enchanting venue. The Manor proudly contains an extensive list of internal features, including a grand staircase, polished parquetry floors and grand open fire places. The French themes are reflected in the gorgeous paintings and intricate period features, invoking an atmosphere of elegant ambience. It won’t be difficult to shine on the day, and in each photograph, when surrounded by such decedent , yet subtle aesthetics. We take pride in providing exceptional photos which utilize both your specific theme and the gorgeous details and tones found within and around Manor on High.

You and your guests have the added luxury of a secluded outdoor setting offering fresh air and a welcome change of pace and ambience. Unique to Manor on High is the provision of private courtyards to grace each of their individual rooms. Each courtyard is an ideal setting for creative wedding photography, which we provide joyfully and expertly at Serendipity Photography. For those considering a beautiful outdoor ceremony here is your chance to bring it all together in one majestic venue, the Manor on High. You can be confident that the surrounding grounds will ideally complement the warm tones and exceptionally refined aesthetic to frame your indoor photographs. The luscious green lawn, large circular driveway, charming water fountain and lovely garden make the perfect backdrop for photographs at any angle. Bride and groom will find no effort in looking their best, with the abundant open space for spectacular wide lens shots. Set off the romantic tones of your event underneath gently swaying trees, as the abundant foliage casts soft dappled light, and frames the Bride with the rosiest glow. Entrust your special occasion to the highly trained and dedicated staff at Manor on High who share Serendipity’s vision of making your special day as magnificent as it can be.

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