The International of Brighton

The International of Brighton really delivers on so many fronts –of course the interiors with their stunning new contemporary renovation, the option of two different rooms, where the smaller room can be used as a ceremony venue for larger functions, and the award winning food. At Serendipity Photography we can vouch for the quality of the food and service over many many years — no client has ever been disappointed that we can remember. The International of Brighton clients can enjoy the versatility of beautifully landscaped surrounds, with the option of garden ceremonies.

Please read more about the International of Brighton in Serendipity photography’s page about the International’s new décor and designers Hecker, Phelan and Guthrie 

Marina and David wanted to offer their guests and families something very special and combined beautifully themed decorations, lighting and an unusually decorated ceremony to make a wedding that will live long in their and their families memories. Marina cites location, the availability of the garden ceremony location and the impeccable service and coördination with other suppliers as major considerations in booking The International of Brighton, “We were very pleased with their level of service, and attention to detail.”

Marina appreciated The International of Brighton’s flexibility and ease in working with their external caterer, this is a very attractive feature of their service for those needing special catering, or requiring complex exotic menus.

At Serendipity we have enjoyed the richness and variety of functions we have photographed at The International of Brighton over the years — crystals and silk here with Marina and David, often weddings featuring the elegance of black and white, the gamut of most colour themes, currently a smattering of pastels and lolly colours, all the way to extravagant rainforests and bazaars.

At Serendipity Photography we are delighted with clients who offer their guests the enhancement of feature lighting, Marina and David’s table centre pieces were beautifully set off by distinctive purples and pinks, with a myriad of rainbow tones during their dancing!

Serendipity Wedding Phtography - Brighton International  Serendipity Wedding Phtography - Brighton International

3 Responses to “The International of Brighton”
  1. Marianna and Greg 2 September 2013 at 9:48 pm #

    What can we say — Brighton International is an outstanding venue. We were very impressed with the staff — they were always asking us if we were okay — and the food was awesome! The place is just gorgeous, and everything is well presented.

  2. serendipity 21 August 2011 at 3:31 am #

    Thanks so much Marina and David for sharing your experiences! We couldn’t agree more, having photographed so many weddings and functions at The International of Brighton over the years. Our clients have always been well taken care of, relaxed and happy with the service. The food at The International of Brighton is always a real highlight and the staff have been always attentive to us, understanding our need for speed and good communication to help us to to give our all to the client on the night. The lighting, room shapes, and the surfaces and tones of the new décor combine to make photography at Brighton International a real pleasure!

  3. Marina Godler 20 August 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    We chose Brighton International because the convenient location, close to all the places we liked for photography and convenient for our guests! Brighton International is a very professional venue, and flexible, allowing your to do your own catering, and having many options for ceremonies. We liked that with our garden ceremony, we could have the comfort of good wet weather options if required. The service was impeccable, all the demands of our relatives were met without fuss, and we couldn’t fault the timing or communication with staff. The large foyer is a big plus and we love the clean sharp look of the interior. We were impressed with the service at the Bridal Table, we found what ever we wanted just appearing without being asked! We would be very happy to give Brighton International a thorough recommendation! David and Marina Godler

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