Nathania Springs, Natural Beauty and Rustic Charm

At Serendipity Photography we really appreciate the chance to walk through cool lush foliage, and photograph our clients in an idyllic setting, in the gorgeous surrounds of the gardens around Nathania Springs. Nathania springs is one of Serendipity Photography’s top wedding locations for couples who love the Australian bush  and choose to have their wedding photography in the romantic location of the Dandenong ranges.


The beautiful gardens at Nathania Springs now caters for wedding receptions in a classic building, surrounded by deep verandahs, in country homestead style . Wedding couples can get married in the white timber gazebo, or in the chapel beautifully decorated with stained glass. Nathania Springs wedding packages include the sound system and seasonal flower arrangements; and of course couples and guests can enjoy the greenery and the the forest views.


Nathania Springs — garden paradise

Nathania Springs current history dates back to the 1893, when the first European resident, Benjamin Simcox, selected this 10 acre site, and first developed the beautiful gardens. Benjamin arrived from Manchester at 18 in 1858, went for gold at Emerald, and moulded Nathania Springs into one of the most important tourist attractions of the day in the Dandenong Ranges. and joined the site of picturesque Nathania Springs has evolved and changed as the surrounding area has gone through many phases of growth. Ben Simcox then sold Nathania Springs to local identity Councillor Ferdinand Thomas Le Juge in 1009. Councillor Le Juge ran a boarding house and then owned the town bakery. In the summers of the best years of the 1920’s the gardens at Nathania Springs would host up to a thousand people a day. Famous people such as Prime Minister Billy Hughes, Dame Nellie Melba and Douglas Mawson would come to the Dandenongs to look through Nathania Springs, or buy cut flowers.


At Serendipity Photography we really appreciate being able to photograph is such a picturesque venue. The staff at Nathania Springs take pride in catering to individual requests, and offer a range of packages with many inclusions, in cluding use of the chapel and resident DJ. Numbers catered for at Nathania Springs generally range from 70 to 180, although functions outside these numbers may be considered. Couples are able to book the grounds and reception exclusively. 3000 weddings later, Nathania Springs staff are attentive are flexible in catering to individual requirements. The ample history in the surrounding gardens enriches all of our photographs, and they make the perfect backdrop for any bridal party. Serendipity Photography is also appreciates Nathania Springs’ unique covered garden, which gives that feeling and security in a venue that is all about nature’s beauty. Couples sense the magic of green in all its myriad hues; the thick spring-fed foliage and luscious flowers bloom create drama and  variety through the seasons, and create a perfect backdrop for outdoor ceremonies in the gazebo. 

Many couples prefer to be married in the comfort of the chapel, in front of decorative windows with the sense of green. Nathania Springs has won many awards for catering, and clients appreciate the quality and variety of the food, and the warm atmosphere and comfortable service. At Serendipity Photography we delight in taking many beautiful detail shots of your table, all the decoration and hours of planning, let alone gorgeous food, all there in your album, with guests and friends so that you will have a comprehensive and well designed record of your event; capturing the true romance of your day at Nathania Springs in wonderful colour and detail. 






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  1. John and Lynda 17 August 2011 at 12:32 am #

    Nathania was great, Everything was taken care of from someone to entertain the kids to the taxi home. Great food and great fun. john

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