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Leonda by the Yarra, uniquely located on the banks of the iconic Yarra river, hosts elegant and modern décor against a backdrop of natural, romantic light. What more could you want than a view of the beautiful Yarra from a modern, chic venue close to the city with amazing service? As well as being one of Serendipity Photography’s absolute favourite locations, Leonda is one of Melbourne’s most sought-after venues and with all of these qualities it’s not surprising.

Serendipity Photography leonda by the yarra

At Serendipity Photography we think the superb grounds and location of Leonda are the perfect complement for your special day. The reception centre offers infinite photo opportunities, boasting lush river banks, majestic gums, intimate side gardens and modern sheek courtyards. Centrally located, just minutes from the CBD, Leonda is a perfect choice for the contemporary urban wedding.

Couples will be spoilt for choice with the two luxurious function rooms. The Ball room which is a grand pillar-less room, filled with natural light spilling in from the floor to ceiling windows, has the capacity to host up to 1000 of your wedding guests. Whilst the Garden room offers a more intimate feel, with impressive views of the Yarra River and surrounding gardens, as well as a private courtyard framed by peppercorn trees. Both rooms, with their inclusive dance floors and full service bars, are the ideal support for the picturesque surrounds.

At Serendipity Photography love that Leonda by the Yarra offers a rare opportunity to combine gorgeous outdoor scenery, with the modern comfort of the two function rooms. The venue itself has been a sought after destination for wedding celebrations for ample years. The picturesque location coupled with the elegant interior and professional staff, makes Leonda a perfectly suited venue for a weddings for a variety of cultures, guest numbers and themes.

The elegance and amazing photographic opportunities of Leonda doesn’t cease as one steps outside the interior. The beautiful Yarra river provides a stunning complement to the special day. The lush banks of the Yarra fill the picture frame with subtle greens, the dappled light of grand trees and shimmering reflections of the river. The newly weds can escape for a nighttime stroll down a majestic staircase framed by wrought iron railings, and a backdrop of festive celebrations and atmospheric fairy-lights. The fact that Picturesquely located, Leonda by the Yarra offers the wonderful opportunity of arriving and leaving the Wedding on board a boat. The walk from the courtyard to the Yarra is fantastic for shoots and staff can easily organize a boat ride up the river. Serendipity Photography are happy to recommend this, especially at night when the lights on the water produce some fantastic wedding photography. Imagine the finishing touch to your day being the romance of departing on a floating vessel, as your guests see you off on your own private boat ramp.

For couples who may want to explore further on the day, Leonda by the Yarra provides the idealic opportunity to do so, surrounded by a smörgåsbord of complimentary locations. As well as an abundant array of inclusive features, Leonda by the Yarra is but a short stroll away from Fairview park. Also opposite is St Anthony’s Catholic Church, its beautiful exterior provides yet another backdrop for the happy couple. Or pass over the grand river in style by taking a peaceful walk across Kane’s Bridge. At Serendipity we are overjoyed at the bountiful photo opportunities Leonda gracefully provides. An array of photographic utopia’s. There is abundant space for spectacular wide lens shots, as well as intimate corners to privilege the couple’s unique narrative. Whatever the angle you can be sure that the combined powers of Leonda by the Yarra and Serendipity Photography will capture the true beauty of the day.

For more inspiration and useful facts on the beautiful Leonda, have a look at Serendipity’s accompanying page on Wedding Receptions at Leonda. or follow the link to Leonda by the Yarra’s main website

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  1. Kasia 5 March 2012 at 1:14 pm #

    I don’t think that we could have chosen a better reception centre for our wedding, than Leonda by the Yarra in Hawthorn. From the moment we first stepped into the Garden room when we were taken on a tour, we fell in love with the abundance of natural light coming in through the large number of floor-to-ceiling windows. From that point, we were hooked. Our wedding planner was superb in assisting us with planning our special day– from sending us information about menu tastings and other events going on at Leonda, to general and swift correspondence between us and her.
    The day ran smoothly, and everyone marveled at how well-run and organized the reception was.

    The garden and river that runs alongside Leonda was a perfect setting in which to take some gorgeous photos. There is a covered bridge that overlooks the Yarra that provides a safe, accessible (and dry!) place in which to just relax and marvel at the scenery, whilst the photographer takes the opportunity to take some shots. Although we hadn’t originally planned to use this bridge, it just seemed like too good of an opportunity to pass up. As a result, we were rewarded with fantastic photos that had an interesting and varied backdrop. The fact that it was right next door to Leonda was an added bonus because we could take our time taking photos, knowing that our reception centre was only a few steps away! The greenery around the bridge is well kept and maintained, so we didn’t have to fight our way through unruly shrubbery to get there. Overall, it was a fantastic spot to have some photos taken. Highly recommended!

    After being invited to a menu tasting that Leonda by the Yarra hosted, I was excited about the food at our reception. It was so good to taste the food before our wedding, so that we could balance the flavours and options for our wedding reception. As a food-loving couple, what we ate and served to our guests at the wedding reception was a crucial decision. We were not disappointed with the number of menu options that we could choose from. After carefully selecting our menu and wines, we were both so thrilled that on the wedding day, the food was sublime. Everyone made comments to us about how it was the best food at a wedding that they had ever had! The portion sizes were fantastic, the sides were plentiful and tasty, and most importantly– everything tasted delicious! We were both so blown away by how perfect every single course was presented, and how it tasted. A very big thank you to everyone in the kitchen at Leonda– your skills and care definitely shines through in the food you produce. You made our reception even more perfect.

  2. Marcus 9 February 2012 at 8:28 pm #

    There where a number of reasons why we chose Leonda as our host for the ceremony and reception. After ploughing through magazines and visiting numerous sites, Leonda by the Yarra was the only place that gave us an instant “wow” factor. You walk in the wide glass doors and the first reaction is ‘this place is very clean!’ The staff at Leonda definitely take pride in the presentation of the premesis which just compliments the modern look of the facility. Walk past the stunning marble bar (where our ceremony was held) and you overlook a spacious yet elegant reception area which was like a canvas to look at, as there are a million ways of styling it whether your wedding be big or small. As the name suggests, Leonda by the Yarra is positioned right next to the Yarra River. The balcony was a great place for a quick breather to have a quick break from the busy day and to catch up with the smokers who you know are always down for a good time.

    As we had overseas and interstate relatives attend our wedding, it was important that everyone could transport to the venue at ease. It would have been a nightmare organising over 50 guests from the ceremony to the reception centre. Therefore, having the ceremony in the marble bar was a great alternative and certainly did not need to sacrifice anything in terms of a romantic scenery/setting.

    Our florist/wedding stylist was Elegant Occasions in Hallam. Yelka and her team were friendly, helpful and super committed. One of her team members even flew down from Darwin just to be a part of it! They battled like troops all through the early hours of the day (6am start) all the way till the end of the night, where everything was put together just as requested. There were no hiccups whatsoever. The ceremony area was set up like that of a fairytale wedding. Yelka acted as more than a wedding co-ordinator that evening, but was an honourary elder sister for the night. She was constantly checking that the flower clips on the groomsman’s suits had not been wrecked, made sure we drank plenty of water throughout the night and attention to detail was second to none. To the point where all the serviettes that Leonda had on the tables where replaced as she felt they would suit the flowers and setting more if they were folded a special way and had a pattern on them.

    Although there was not much time to eat that night, as we were too busy partying, the positive feedback about the food from our guests was at its highest. Prior to the wedding Leonda hosted a taste-test night where you could invite four extra guests. This meant you tried almost everything on the menu and locked in the dishes nice and early. Another hassle out of the way nice and early. Guests also enjoyed free drinks at the bar and an abundance of canapes between the ceremony and reception.


  3. Veronica Duff 20 January 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    Leonda’s grand ballroom was spectacular! There was so much food and it was absolutely delicious. The dance floor would have to be the biggest of any reception venue I have ever seen and was well used by all guests! As a bride there is no need to stress as the staff take care of everything, all you need to do is show up on your big day and enjoy!

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