Fitzroy Gardens

The Fitzroy Gardens stretching over 64 acres, located on the southeastern edge of Melbourne’s CBD, holds the reputation as one of the cities most loved gardens. With its exceptionally maintained grounds, abundant native flora and array of fountains, pavilions and hand carved statues, it’s easy to see why the garden is so adored by the public, and sought after as a venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions alike. At Serendipity Photography our years of experience with shooting at the gardens have made us confident of the sites ability to offer a range of backdrops and tones, suitable to a range of distinct wedding themes.

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Valued for their historic, aesthetic, architectural and horticultural significance, the Fitzroy Gardens were classified by the National Trust in 1974 and placed on the Victorian Heritage Register in 1999. Originally set aside as a reserve in 1848, the gardens derived their name from Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy– the Governor of New South Wales– and have a long history of over 150 years. Few other capital cities can boast such a significant garden so close to the City’s centre. As crown land, the City of Melbourne are the custodians to preserve and oversee this magnificent garden, visited by over 2 million local, interstate and international visitors each year, it is one of the major attractions in Melbourne.

Standing as one of the major Victorian era landscaped gardens in Australia, the Fitzroy Gardens are a wonderful option for your primary wedding day location. Nowhere else in Melbourne can you find a garden of such rich history, aesthetic beauty and flexibility in offering both indoor and outdoor function facilities, that is this closely situated to the CBD. Within walking distance of Collins St and the luxurious Windsor Hotel, the Fitzroy Gardens are able to function as a one stop shop for wedding day celebrations.

The park offers a perfect backdrop to hold either an indoor or outdoor wedding. The expansive grounds have much to offer all year round. Admire the the glorious symphonies of floral colour in the Spring and Summer months, or be seduced by the deep golden tones, and snowy grey details present during the cooler seasons. If your heart is set on an open air wedding, you need look no further than Fitzroy Gardens which boast a selection of charming options.

Within the grounds stand two very ancient structures in close proximity to one another. The Temple of the Winds rotunda makes a exceptionally gorgeous backdrop for wedding day shots. The white stone rotunda which was constructed in 1873 by architects Thomas Julian and Co, has a domed roof and is distinct in that it is composed of 10 columns rather than the normal 8 or 10. A striking edition to any photo, and a must if you are planning on utilising the gardens on your wedding day. Adjacent to the Gipps Street entrance to the gardens, the historic “Old Bandstand” triumphs above ordinary arches, the construction is of Corinthian design and enclosed by a low iron fence. It was designed and erected by George Dodd in 1864. Both The Temple of the Winds and the Old Bandstand provide a focus and shade for the wedding party. For smaller groups with a pond setting the area known as the Boy on the Turtle, paved and secluded where services can be held in this tranquil part of the gardens.

If you are hoping to enjoy the gardens as a stunning backdrop to your celebrations, and would prefer the comfort of being wed and celebrating the reception indoors, then Fitzroy Gardens is the ideal location. You will be spoilt for choice as the gardens provide two exceptional indoor venues. The Pavilion Fitzroy Gardens is an enchanting setting for a medium sized celebration. It can cater for up to 120 guests for a sit down menu or 200 guests cocktail style. With a modern and contemporary menu, The Pavilion extends its services to provide a diverse and unique experience for wedding banquets.

Another feature of the gardens is the Conservatory, constructed in 1930, the building copies the Spanish mission architectural style, measuring 30 x 15 metres. You will be enchanted by the exquisite natural beauty of the venue’s surroundings through floor to ceiling windows and magnificent indoor floral displays. For an indoor function the Conservatory is available for an intimate wedding, accommodating for up 75 people.  During the reception treat your guests to your very own String Quartet, harpist or let the Conservatory staff play your pre-recorded music for you. Alcohol and food are permitted. This charming venue is one of Melbourne’s favourite tourist attractions, and a much desired centre for wedding celebrations.

Perhaps if you visited the gardens as a child you’ll be familiar with Cook’s Cottage. What a charming touch to photographs on the day. The cottage was presented to the people of Victoria as a gift for the State’s centenary in 1934, was originally home to Captain James Cook’s parents. It is complemented by an authentic mid 18th century Yorkshire cottage garden which has been recreated, resulting largely from the research work done by Carrick Chambers, Professor of Botany of Melbourne University, while working at the British Museum during 1977. The garden and the renovated interior of the cottage were re-opened on the anniversary of Captain Cook’s birth by the Governor-General, Sir Zelman Cowan, on October the 27th, 1978. The garden is comprised mostly of plants native to Great Britain and Northern Europe as exotic varieties were rarely found in country villages.

Serendipity Photography highly recommend the Fitzroy Gardens for an outdoor wedding. The expansive garden has much to offer in terms of exceptional photographs. The manicured gardens with their green lawns, and large shady trees which distribute soft dappled light, casting flattering and romantic light onto the photographic subjects– capturing bride and groom at their very best. The large gardens provide a myriad of distinct areas and varied details, allowing for weddings of many different themes to enjoy all it has to offer. From colourful floral displays, classic fountains and sculptures, to iconic period cottages, spectacular expanses of open spaces, to more secluded areas, the Fitzroy Gardens are definitely unique.


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