Flagstaff Gardens

Located high on the North-West corner of Melbourne’s CBD are the historic Flagstaff Gardens. This picturesque garden has much to offer for a beautiful variety of wedding photographs. At Serendipity we are quite taken by the attractive plant life that fills the garden, ranging from expansive mature trees (including huge Morton Bay Figs) to exquisite garden beds with flowering shrubs, roses and and a scented garden. Scattered about the lawns and gardens are memorials and sculptures that illuminate some of the social significance of the area. As you stroll through the wonderful Flagstaff  Gardens you’re reminiscing through over 170 years of history, as it was established in 1862 Flagstaff Gardens is the oldest park in Melbourne. The gardens significant history has earned it recognition by the National Trust of Australia and the Victorian Heritage Register.

The colonial history of Flagstaff Gardens is linked to the hill — the vantage point that dominates the site, where a ‘flag staff’ or ‘flag pole’ was erected in 1840.  On 11th November, 1850, Queen Victoria declared Victoria a separate colony and a bonfire was lit that night on Flagstaff Hill to signal the news. Shortly after that event, gold was discovered in regional Victoria and the Royal Mint was built at the south-east corner of the gardens to mint gold from the goldfields of Ballarat and Bendigo. Today the gardens are notable for their archeological, horticultural, historical and social significance to the history of Melbourne.

The abundance of native plant species in the gardens is a feature we appreciate at Serendipity, as the rich green and russet tones of the leafy foliage promote a distinctly romantic aesthetic. As the bridal party bask under the soft dappled light of the majestic gum trees, you might enjoy this reminder of the Australian bush– a rarity in the modern city of Melbourne. The rectangular gardens which are bound by King, Latrobe, William and Dudley Streets, offer good views of and easy access to the CBD. As you look over King Street, to St James Old Cathedral you may be able to imagine images of the growing town of Melbourne in the 1840’s. These Colonial scenes transform into reality as you hear the bellringers practising there on a Friday evening from about 8 o’clock. The unique combination of rich history and stunning aesthetics render Flagstaff Gardens a distinct location either for an outdoor ceremony or a backdrop for photos before your reception.

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