Queen Victoria Gardens

Amongst Melbourne’s abundant array of parks and gardens, there is one gorgeous gem which is often overlooked: the Queen Victoria Gardens. At Serendipity we think this underrated garden is well worth considering, as it is both an attractive and convenient location for wedding day photographs between the ceremony and reception. Directly off St Kilda Road, opposite the Arts Centre and NGV International, only a few hundred metres from the CBD, parks rarely get more accessible than this! Whilst it is often considered an introduction to the Royal Botanic Gardens (as you have to walk through Queen Victoria Gardens to get there.) Don’t let that fool you, as the Queen Victoria Gardens is excellent in its own right, with expansive lawns, classic rotunda, ornamental lakes, mature European and native trees as well as elegant statues that each link to a separate part of Melbourne’s history.

One of our favourite features of the garden is the iconic floral clock, this living sundial contains over 7000 flowering specimens. Ever since the clock was gifted to the City of Melbourne in 1966 by a group of Swiss watchmakers, it has provided a unique and vibrant detail in wedding day photography.

The centrepiece of the Queen Victoria Gardens is, appropriately, the Queen Victoria Memorial. This elegant marble statue, commissioned to artist James White, was constructed to shortly after Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, to serve as a permanent tribute to her. Serendipity appreciate the complementary detail stately sculpture offers to wedding photographs. Just like the bride, Victoria is dressed in ceremonial gowns, atop a grand monument, she gazes across little gardens, grottoes, ornamental lakes and sweeping lawns, suggesting the picturesque views to the Yarra River and the Melbourne skyline.

Serendipity highly recommend taking a tour of this beautiful garden (now is the perfect time as we head into late Summer) to see for yourself it it the perfect match for your wedding day style.

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