North Road Pier

North Road Pier in Brighton has long been a popular destination for wedding day photography. We at Serendipity Photography have extensive experience shooting at this charming pier and continue to be inspired by its breathtaking suite of features. Newly wed couples will fall in love with the unique combination of rustic timber boards (no missing slats!), striking modern steel sides and stunning panoramic views across the bay.

North Road Pier is a perfect location to visit on the fly, its close proximity to other Brighton landmarks such as Billilla as well as a selection of venues and backdrops in Melbourne’s CBD renders it a convenient and appealing destination in it’s own right or as a complementary photographic location. Moreover it is easily accessible, with plenty of car spaces and green grassy areas, practical but very rare!

Couples can choose to venture further inland from the foreshore, where the abundance of charming café’s, expansive playground and large trees offering plenty of shade and soft dappled light make unique compositions for both intimate portraits and vibrant bridal party shots.


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2 Responses to “North Road Pier”
  1. Melanie 17 April 2012 at 1:05 pm #

    We are so impressed with all our photos at North Road Pier — the colours are just incredible!!
    Serendipity captured such a unique sense of romance, what a stunning location — breathtaking!
    Thank you!

    Melanie and James

  2. Daniel 5 April 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    North Road Pier is really stunning. We loved the soft natural light and unique looking timber and steel pier. The day we visited North Road Pier was a classic Melbourne wet weather day! The floods and torrential rains actually a turned out to be a gorgeous effect; the inky dark skies made the photos really dramatic. We love the way Serendipity turned this wild weather day into a beautiful set of backdrops and dramatic compositions.

    Yvette and Daniel

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