Morning Star Estate

Where do you start? At Serendipity we are in love with Morning Star Estate. It sits on a beautiful 38 acres of gardens and vineyards located on the  Mornington Peninsula. The estate was built in 1867 and has undergone many changes since then, the building of a chapel in the 1930s, and the addition of vineyards in 1997. Morning Star Estate is one of the premier reception centres in Victoria, favoured not only by the famous and infamous, but those couples lucky enough to enjoy on their day the glamour endless vistas of roses, and vines tumbling down rolling hills to the sea.

At the Morning Star estate couples and photographers alike are spoilt for choice. As a venue the Morning Star Estate has multiple potential locations for the wedding and reception. As a location for a shoot the grounds and mansions both have almost infinite possibilities in different light, in different weather, all throughout the year. The property encompasses many themes that compliment any sort of wedding.

The garden is well cared-for and much loved and features beautiful fountains, arbours, vineyards and glorious vistas over the water. Morning Star Estate is also home to the best roses we’ve seen at any wedding venue in Australia. The owners have spent many years creating a place to pamper brides and grooms, and their families. The garden is engaging and luxurious, with exciting prospects. There are several locations for an outdoor ceremony, but also options indoors if the weather turns inclement.

The Morning Star Estate features a collection of historic buildings, restored to gracious splendour. There are gorgeous views of and from the mansion, which is for many still the main attraction and is available for receptions. A chapel remains from the estates past life as a a Catholic boys’ school and is available for ceremonies. And did we mention those incredible roses?

The Morning Start Estate is a favourite of ours at Serendipity Photography for its’ variety and its’ beauty, and a top choice among couples for its’ luxury and elegance. For more information visit their website.

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