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To describe the Hotel Windsor as a grand duchess is completely inadequate, she is a queen. At Serendipity Photography we were smitten nineteen years ago — the Windsor is superlative for Melbourne wedding photography. At over 120 years old the Hotel Windsor is still exceptionally grand. Built in 1883, and having gone through many significant changes, such as the addition of the mansard roofed towers in Second Empire style.

At Serendipity Photography, whenever we have the good fortune to take a couple to have their wedding photographs taken around the Hotel Windsor, we feel we are celebrating some of the best of Melbourne’s architectural heritage. The interior of the Hotel Windsor perfectly captures British-inspired Australian interior design, with a gracious combination of Victorian and Edwardian colours, with delicate gilding and exquisite stenciling.

The Hotel Windsor follows the common rule of grand hotels in Melbourne, that only weddings that are having a reception at the Windsor are permitted to be photographed on the premises. We recommend that if you are wanting a elegant classic style to your reception as well as your wedding photography the Hotel Windsor is a perfect location great place spend the night before your wedding in luxury. We suggest the Royal or Windsor suites, or even perhaps the Prince of Wales suite to get the most complimentary period interiors for your wedding photography and for your stay.


The Royal suite is spacious and luxurious, and the Windsor suit with their corner windows on Spring Street and Bourke Street offer the best flattering wrap-around light in the building for bridal portraiture and views of Parliament House. These rooms are spacious enough to hold the bridal party and family comfortably on the morning of your wedding and can accommodate good deal of to-ing and fro-ing from busy bridesmaids of mothers.  The Windsor is best suited for an intimate reception of around one hundred people but can accommodate more.

The Hotel Windsor has more great photography locations just outside your room, from the stylish period corridors to the grand staircase in the foyer, also beautifully appointed. The staircase is authentic turn-of-the-century design and affords many photo opportunities. Further afield the Cricketers Arms offers one of the last completely period bars in Melbourne with a consistent theme that is uniquely Australian.

The entrance to the Hotel Windsor  is a great place for a photo shoot, and is often flanked by classic cars. The doorway is wide and elegant and makes for an attractive surrounding in photos. At Serendipity Photography we recommend the view through the fountain towards the entrance for that feeling of sparkling romance or Victorian splendour.

Overall, Serendipity Photography finds that the Hotel Winsdor embodies luxury and is perfect for photos that reflect an elegance and attention to detail, as well a being a wonderful venue for a reception. The Windsor High Tea is a much loved Melbourne tradition, and High Tea in the Windsor Room can be a lovely way to please your guests for a more intimate wedding with a historic or romantic focus. Please feel free to visit Serendipity photography’s page on the glories of the Windsor High Tea!

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Serendipity Photography’s Favourite Surrounding Locations

There are several beautiful locations within walking distance from the Hotel Windsor, making it an ideal location for wedding shoots. The variety of locations allows for different approaches to your wedding photographs; perhaps a gothic themed shoot in front of the Stanford Fountain in Gordon Reserve, or perhaps the classic romanticism of Parliament House holds more appeal. The options are endless! Please feel free to browse around the different pages that Serendipity Photography has on these marvellous locations.

Parliament House

Only a stone’s throw away, Parliament House is a beautiful example of Renaissance revivalist architecture. With it’s stunning façade of columns and it’s classical colonnade and portico, Parliament House is a world renowned example of civic architecture from the British Empire’s colonial past. With it’s pale stonework and classical proportions, Parliament House makes a beautiful backdrop for a variety of stunning wedding photographs. One of Melbourne’s best recognised landmarks, Parliament House has a history dating back right to the beginning of the colonial years of Melbourne. Many beautiful moments have been capture in front of this truly  iconic Melbournian building, and we at Serendipity Photography are endlessly inspired by the array of fine touches and rich history that Parliament House provides.

Gordon Reserve

The Edwardian style Gordon Reserve is a picturesque, lush green space located almost directly in front of the Hotel Windsor. With it’s traditional layout and the ornate Stanford Fountain, the Gordon Reserve is also an ideal spot to shoot the Hotel Windsor in the background from.

Old Treasury

The Old Treasury building, one of the starts of Victorian architecture in Melbourne, is an elegant and refined building of softly coloured sandstone. Right next to the stunning Treasury Gardens, the Old Treasury is a beautifully ornamented example of Renaissance inspired Victorian Architecture.

Princess Theatre

Boasting a stunning Second Empire roofline and a Renaissance inspired façade, Serendipity loves to photograph the evocative Princess Theatre at dusk, when the soft light of early evening creates a diffused romantic glow.

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  1. Robert 4 April 2012 at 3:28 pm #

    The Windsor is so elegant and has very beautiful architecture, we’re lucky in Melbourne to have such a lovely selection of grand buildings. Hotel Windsor was the perfect place to capture a real sense of history & tradition and made a wonderful setting for romantic photos.
    Serendipity was the perfect companion at this elegant and iconic hotel. We are so happy with our photos! Thank you!

    Helen and Robert

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