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If you’re looking for a unique wedding reception venue, where elegance and old world charm go hand in hand, you need look no further than Overnewton Castle. Nestled in the heart of Keilor (just 15 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD and 10 minutes from the Airport) this Scottish Baronial style castle is an attractive option for wedding day celebrations, both aesthetically and location wise. This grand building which is surrounded by over 4 acres of immaculately landscaped English style grounds, serves as your own private and tranquil setting making a stunning backdrop for your wedding day.

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Designed by William Taylor in 1849, Overnewton Castle was built in the Victorian Tudor style, inspired by 16th century English & Scottish architecture. The Scottish baronial style is characterised by its rough textured masonary, steeped pitched roofs and overhanging battlement corner turrets. The candle snuffer roofs show the influence of the French architecture. The bluestone walls were quarried on the estate and rendered with a yellow gravel and stucco finish. Above the large windows of the master bedroom is the Taylor family crest — a mailed arm and fist enclosing a dagger and the motto “Semper Fidelis” (‘always faithful’ in Latin).

The years have been kind to Overnewton, today this Heritage listed property continues to hide away amongst the old trees, it has seen many changes throughout the years, along the rest of Melbourne.  Gone are the days of horse and carriages, gas light and servants, but the old world grace and charm along with the elegance, grandeur and atmosphere of a bygone era still remain. Having been restored over the years and an elegant dining room added to the estate this is definitely a hidden treasure.

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Overnewton offers many conveniences, from parking, to a personal wedding organiser, and the exclusive use of the grounds for photography. Lovely areas include a spiral staircase with carved balustrades, and Overnewton thoughtfully provide Candelabras and gold menu stands on every table. The Bay window overlooks a floodlit garden, a romantic backdrop for intimate portraits of the bride and groom.

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The Garden features an oak tree reputed to have been planted in 1849 to mark the building of the homestead and an elm tree planted a few years latter. It also includes some heritage roses from Alister Clarke featuring the Madge Taylor rose (1930) named after William Taylors grand daughter, developed in 1930.  This large semi double rich cerise coloured hybrid tea rose, with a slight fragrance.  The garden was originally was set out in the 1880’s and featured Rhododendrons, Azalea’s and Camellias many of which are still in the gardens. A focal point of the garden is the original white wrought iron Gazebo that was shipped from Scotland in 1882.

 Newly wed couples may also enjoy the peaceful surrounds of the meticulously renovated Overnewton cottage —  contemporary luxury in a tranquil setting, perfect to start your honeymoon. The cottages doubles as a beautiful and very spacious area for bridal preparation and photography.

As you wander through the leafy gardens, where small blue wrens forage for food and the smell of lavender and roses perfumes the air, it is hard to imagine a more delightful place to spend one’s special Wedding Day.

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  1. Melissa 16 December 2012 at 9:30 pm #

    Overnewton Castle gave us a beautiful garden setting for our ceremony with a historic feel.
    Why did we choose Overnewton? My sister was married there, we love the open garden, the romantic feel and very importantly, Overnewton’s flexibility about rainy-day back-up. We were able to transfer to the chapel at an instant if required. This kind of flexibility made us feel very comfortable. The staff were great and would do anything for us.
    Overnewton was beautiful, affordable and with a perfect feel for our day — we love the pictures too!

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