Scots’ Presbyterian Church

Located on the North West corner of Collins and Russell Streets in Melbourne, stands Victoria’s very first Presbyterian church: Scot’s Presbyterian Church. This eye catching and elegant venue is a favourite at Serendipity Photography. We feel that its description as ‘an icon for well over a hundred years’ is well deserved. The church’s history extends back to 1836, when the minister at the time:  Dr. Alexander Thomson, held Presbyterian services by the banks of the Yarra river. Rev. James Clow then took over conducting these services at the end of 1837. In 1838, the church stood as a temporary wooden building in the west end of Collins Street whilst the community awaited an official grant of land. After obtaining the current site 1841, a proper church building was constructed to seat five hundred. This original building witnessed countless weddings, before continued growth in population and attendance prompted the construction of a grander venue. In 1869. Joseph Reed’s practice — Reed and Barnes — was commissioned to design the magnificent church which opened in November 1874, and stands on the original site today. The church’s striking exterior when coupled with the abundant list of features and proximity to other grand buildings, picturesque parks and gardens and stunning reception venues makes it an attractive and convenient location to hold your wedding ceremony. 

Built in a Neo Gothic style, Scot’s Presbyterian Church is a little unusual amongst other Presbyterian churches, though this doesn’t make it any less beautiful — it’s quite the opposite, actually!  The bluestone foundations are re-inforced with freestone and Kakanul stone, whilst the interior features charming timber fittings and magnificent stained glass windows. All of this is topped with the iconic 120 foot high spire which still stands today as an iconic part of Melbourne’s skyline. Whilst the exterior of the church has changed little in the succeeding century, the interior — particularly the Apse — has been altered considerably, allowing you and your guests to celebrate in contemporary style. The stained glass windows along the length of the interior walls depicting scenes from the Last Supper, the basalt asile columns, timber beamed roof and an elevated floor allows for good view of the pulpit, all add to the sophistication of the church. All these details create a peaceful ambience within the space and offer exceptional photo opportunities.

At Serendipity our years of experience allow us to cater to your specific needs and desires on the day. We love the exceptionally elegant stone exterior of Scots’ Presbyterian Church, and know that whatever the season, it will provide a stunning background, and abundant angles for a variety of wedding day shots. If you are after a classic and aesthetically pleasing wedding ceremony then Scots’ Presbyterian Church is a wonderful choice. The parish is open for visits between 11am and 2pm weekdays. And as the church caters to all sizes and many styles of weddings, it is well worth the visit.



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