St Ignatius

St Ignatius is a Richmond landmark and is a dream for wedding photographers and newly weds alike! Its majestic exterior of basalt and white Sydney stone is inspiring and makes for a beautiful location for a shoot. Couples choose St Ignatius for many reasons, not the least because of its size, prominence, beautiful gothic design from William Wardell and proud history within the Richmond and Melbourne Catholic community. Family ties, historic significance, and sheer beauty — St Ignatius is a queen of churches!

You can really feel the passion that went into the design and the construction of St Ignatius, sitting on Richmond Hill overlooking Church Street. The church was constructed in a French Gothic Revival style, which is notable for its rich and intricate exterior stone masonry, which means gorgeous light and shadow throughout the year, in any weather. The grounds are large, suitable for any number of wedding cars, and the grandest and most splendid affair — as we have seen the church can cater for 1000 guests!

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The adjoining presbytery is very beautiful, and there is no shortage of backdrops for romantic couple shots and bridal party and family photography. The nearby streetscape and lanes also offer plenty of variety, easily catering for romantic, historic, rustic, or gothic styles

Built over many decades, the story of St Ignatius mirrors the hopes and intermittent fortunes of the Irish then Italian immigrants surrounding it — when the spire was completed in 1928, it was the tallest structure in Australia, soaring to 215 feet! Follow the link here to Serendipity’s accompanying page on the history of St Ignatius for more inspiration and interesting facts.

serendipity photography st ignatius

At Serendipity we use a variety of on camera and off camera flash techniques to bring out the detail and majesty of the interior space, while not losing focus on the main actors, you. Being able to balance direct or indirect flash with the existing ambience offers the greatest potential for large crisp dramatic images that retain detail while still having a sense of the beautiful atmosphere and traditional values of St Ignatius. Your photography will be able to convey all the reasons you chose St Ignatius as the best venue for your ceremony. As well as that we partner the foundation of shooting with good, sensitive lighting, with a full scale RAW production system with full use of RAW conversion techniques, and then on top of that refine your church images with a series of grading, shaping and colouring steps using the density algorithms associated with 3 or 4 of the 6 colour channels hand rubbed in various parts of the image to increase drama and focus.

For Melbourne wedding photography it’s hard to imagine a more romantic and iconic setting than St Ignatius. As one of Melbourne’s most popular churches it pays to book in very early. Follow the link here to our page dedicated to the history of Richmond for even more inspiration.

St Ignatius is also blessed with a gorgeous abundance of backdrops and photographic potentials around the main church building and surrounding streets. The grand trees in the church grounds provide romantic dappled light, which can be heightened exquisitely with sepia tones, a perfect complement to the bride’s rosy glow.

At Serendipity Photography we love St Ignatius’ spacious interior and the way the afternoon light falls through the stained glass windows. Melbourne is home to some of Australia’s grandest churches and it’s always a pleasure for us to work in these amazing locations.



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  1. Nancy Walker 20 July 2013 at 8:40 am #


  2. Melissa 14 May 2012 at 6:08 pm #

    St Ignatius was just perfect, we both absolutely loved this grand church. Both inside and out there are so many elegant features which provided a beautiful setting for our ceremony, as well as lots of lovely photos.

    The church is very welcoming and flexible in terms of organising, however our main piece of advice for other couples is to book very early. St Ignatius is very popular for weddings, so it’s worth researching well ahead of time, or even considering an off peak time such as a week day to make sure you can enjoy the gorgeous setting — well worth it!

    Our family really loved the church venue and we were very pleased with our choice of date and locations.
    Serendipity have captured lots of weddings at St Ignatius and their experience really shows. Thank you!

    Melissa and Perryn

  3. Kasia 5 March 2012 at 1:09 pm #

    When looking for a church in which to have our wedding ceremony, we wanted somewhere that wasn’t too big or small, and somewhere that would look magnificent in our photos. St Ignatius Church, Richmond was an obvious choice. The architecture of the church is breathtaking– both inside the church and out. The dark basalt exterior provided an excellent backdrop for photos, and the warm interior ensured that our ceremony had a loving glow. In particular, the alter at St Ignatius is different to any alter that we had ever seen before. With such an important focal point during the ceremony, we definitely needed for our church to have interesting architecture.
    Our favourite aspects of St Ignatius Church, were the location and the look. The location of our ceremony needed to be central and easily accessible by both public transport, and by car. Our friends and family live all across Melbourne, and so having a location like Richmond ensured that everyone was able to get to our ceremony very easily. The proximity to both trains and trams meant that people could also choose to catch public transport to our ceremony. As well as this, it was a very short drive to our reception centre, so our guests could relax on Bridge Rd in the time between the ceremony and reception, before making their way to our reception at Leonda by the Yarra in Hawthorn.

    We were so lucky that we were able to have our ceremony at St Ignatius– it was a beautiful ceremony highlighted by a beautiful setting.

  4. Veronica Duff 20 January 2012 at 9:02 pm #

    I wanted stunning photos of the ceremony so knew I couldn’t go wrong with St Ignatius. Wow what a gorgeous church. So much atmosphere and perfect for family pics. Truly one of the best churches in Melbourne. I would recommended getting in and booking at least 14 months in advance!!

  5. serendipity 21 August 2011 at 1:33 am #

    St Ignatius is one of Serendipity’s very favourite ceremony locations in Melbourne! The story of St Ignatius is intimately linked to that of the suburb of Richmond — St Ignatius has an entrancing past including that alluded to in the mythical suburb of Carringbush… come on readers, maybe someone knows something personal about Frank Hardy.. or has some family past or present connection to all the huge effort in building and renovating this most gorgeous church!

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