St Eustathious

St Eustathious Parish, located at 221 Dorcas St, South Melbourne is a popular choice of venue for Greek Orthodox wedding ceremonies. With its elegant white stone exterior, large arched windows and spectacular hand-painted scenes on the walls inside, it is not difficult to see why.

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At Serendipity Photography we think that the abundant and unique list of details found within this charming parish, add up to an infinitely beautiful selection of photo’s. The sparkling white exterior walls, and soft dappled light cast through the leafy trees in the front grounds, are a stunning background in both vibrant colour or in black and white tones.

Inside the church is expansive, both intimate and grand ceremonies can be accommodated effortlessly. From the moment you and your guests make your way up the charming entrance staircase, marvel underneath exquisite chandeliers and the high timber ceiling, you will be enchanted. Each detail will function as a subtle yet aesthetically striking element of each shot as Serendipity expertly capture every moment of your day.

Immigration by Greeks to Australia began in the middle of the nineteenth century. On the 29th May 1898, the foundations of the first Greek Orthodox Church, the Holy Trinity, were laid. St Eustathios is a unique part of this history. Dedicated to its namesake:  Saint Eustathios, the Archbishop of Antioch in the 3rd century AD Eustathios enjoyed the love and esteem of the people, and at the request of his flock he was elevated by the fathers of the First OEcumenical Council (325) to the Antioch cathedra-chair.  Saint Eustathios was esteemed by the great hierarchs of the IV Century – Basil the Great, John Chrysostom, Athanasias of Alexandria, Epiphanios of Cyprus, Anastasias of Sinai and Jerome of Stridonia. The reknown church historian Bishop Theodorit of Cyr calls Saint Eustathios a pillar of the Church and a man of piety, of an equal footing with Saint Athanasias of Alexandria and the other bishops at the forefront in the struggle for Orthodoxy. With this rich history and religious tradition contained within the churches walls, and specifically portrayed in the vibrant and skillfully applied painted scenes on the interior walls, your ceremony be one to remember. As your ceremony unfolds in formal elegance and tradition under the expert guidance of Reverend Christos Dimolianis.

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As well as the abundant list of charming features found at St Eustathious church, its geographic location has proved fortuitous. Its close proximity to picturesque spots such as Albert Park lake, the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Yarra river, mean you can double, triple or even quadruple the range of photo backdrops. The church is within walking distance of these gorgeous locations, so that– depending on the weather– you and your wedding party can enjoy the subtle tones, soft light, and sparking reflections cast by the flowing water of the Yarra, or the gentle dappled light, and abundant greens provided in the nearby parks. As you brush the confetti off your veil, the convenient and attractive location of St Eustathious, combined with our 22 years of experience at Serendipity will mean that every special moment of your day will be remembered for years to come.

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  1. Julie 20 February 2012 at 2:14 pm #

    We chose to stay traditional when it came to the ceremony aspect of our wedding, as our culture and heritage is extremely important to us. We chose a beautiful Greek Orthodox Church in Dorcas St in South Melbourne with very intricate details and ornate designs. We love the icons and beautiful artwork. The huge chandeliers surrounding us symbolized the light and start of our new journey together.

    Serendipity have done a spectacular job on our chandelier pictures!

    Julie and Nick

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