Sts Anargiri — Oakleigh Greek Orthodox


Sts Anargairi, the beautiful Greek Orthodox church in Oakleigh is noted for its interior, splendid chandeliers and rich atmosphere.



 At Serendipity we appreciate the warm ambience and beautiful detailing. It is seems impossible to tire of the chandeleirs and icons and we love being able to combine all these features to make our church pages to look beautiful.

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  1. Jennifer & Peter 3 October 2011 at 9:48 pm #

    The splendour of the traditional Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony meant even more to me knowing it was being performed by my great uncle.

    It was especially important to share this Greek Orthodox ceremony with family and friends.

    The richness of the church’s interior and my cultural heritage is captured beautifully in the photography and the album design by Serendipity.


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