Elena and Sasha with Serendipity!

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Elena and Sasha chose themes of romantic elegance for their beautiful fairytale wedding. Inspired by ballet, and Russian history, Elena fell in love with a beautiful gown she found in Moscow! At Serendipity we were intrigued by the possibilities within the Russian Baroque as wedding styling inspiration and were thrilled with more wedding serendipity, in the form of a glorious swirling ballet skirt, and the on the spot decision to shoot in the most romantic of all vehicles, a Cinderella coach.

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Elena and Sasha love the classic styling of Melbourne’s beautiful historic centre, and chose Parliament, the Windsor, and the Princess Theatre as romantic settings for their wedding location photography.

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Sasha and Elena enjoyed preparing for their wedding day surrounded by their closest friends and family.

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With gorgeous fingerless lace gloves extending up her arm to a floating veil, Elena truly looked like a princess. The beading on the bodice and full skirt suited Elena perfectly.

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Her dress was complemented perfectly by the pale pink roses in her bouquet and the subtle pinks in her bridesmaids dresses, all working together to create an atmosphere of utter romance.

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Beginning their life as husband and wife in the historic Serbian Orthodox Church in Brunswick, Elena and Sasha were crowned as husband and wife in front of all of their closest friends and family. Elena glided down the aisle in a beautiful dress from Moscow, reminiscent of high Russian fashion.


The ceremony was deeply moving, with Elena and Sasha celebrating the beautiful traditions of their heritage in the gorgeous atmosphere of the hundred year old church.

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After the ceremony Elena and Sasha moved onto a number of spectacular Melbourne locations, keeping up the theme of traditional gothic and baroque styling.

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The steps and corridors at Parliament House provided the perfect setting for some fantastic photographs, transporting the couple and their bridal party back in time to an era of high glamor and European heritage.

sserendipity photography parliament

serendipity photography parliament

Parliament gardens was the next stop and by happy coincidence Elena and Sasha were met with horse and carriage. Embracing the spontaneity of the day, the newlyweds hopped in, using the romantic ambience of this ancient mode of transport for some intimate and lively photographs by Serendipity. The iconic fountain in the centre of the gardens provided a marvellous setting for more photos, with its dark and intricate metalwork bringing the themes of the gothic back into the images.

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The next location was the stunning domed chamber at 333 Collins Street, with the golden light flooding in through the ceiling. The domed ceiling, with its grand detailing and intricate architectural features, offered great light and gorgeous framing, giving Elena and Sasha some amazing photographs. The newlyweds seemed to glow in the lovely soft hues and warm tones of the dome.

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Serendipity 333 Collins

After their location photography with Serendipity, Elena and Sasha joined their family and friends for a fantastic reception at the Crown Casino’s famous River Room. They wined and dined with fantastic service and great food. The River Room provided a contrasting contemporary atmosphere, with state of the art lighting, amazing ambience and incredible views of the sparkling city skyline. One special feature of Crown as a wedding location venue is exclusive access to some of the very best views of the central Melbourne skyline at Crown Rooftop. More more pictures of Elena and Sasha please link through to Serendipity Photography’s page on Crown Rooftop!

Serendipity Photography Crown Rooftop

Serendipity Photography Crown Rooftop

All in all, Elena and Sasha’s big day was one of glamor, beauty and fairytale elegance. From the morning to the evening the day went smoothly with grace and grandeur. The happy couple’s excitement was contagious and they appeared to glow just like their spectacular surroundings. It was a wonderful day had by all and the warm and elaborate wedding is sure to remain in the memories of all of their guests well into the future.

Serendipity Photography Crown

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Serendipity Photography Crown Rooftop

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  1. Elena 22 July 2012 at 10:26 am #

    What can we say! Our album is beautiful. So much variety and detail — the pictures from 333 Collins St, are so elegant and captured our Baroque theme perfectly. Our photographs are full of emotion and soft romantic moments. The album is like a storyboard, slowly moving through the day, it gives us a great sense of our wedding day. The images behind our photos are beautiful and add a lot of creativity to the overall sense of our album.

    Julian gave us very good direction, he is able to get any one to do what he wants and get brilliant images! The photos are relaxed and easy, and really artistic, particularly with all of the reflections. Our pictures are so romantic and really take us back to the day. Serendipity truly understood the feeling we wanted and captured it perfectly. They really got the shots we were after, and the pictures totally speak for themselves! Thank you Serendipity!

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