Locations, locations, locations.

We are always happy to help brides and grooms get as close as possible to getting their best wedding photographs, and finding the perfect location is a vital part of that. This year we will be creating a new section of our blog called Serendipity’s Favourite Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations. With some points to consider about Melbourne wedding photography locations that we think are unforgettable. We’ll be including hotels, streets, vineyards, churches and more.

Can we say “location” again? At Serendipity we know that for wedding photography location means a lot. They can symbolize our ideas an aspirations or they can reflect personal beliefs and cultures. Churches, temples, beaches, parks, beautiful old buildings or modern designs provide us with real-world examples of dedication, passion and inspiration.

While some couples have a very good idea of which locations are perfect for their shoots, Serendipity Photography’s years of experience have led us to find some Melbourne gems. We also have some insight into well-recognized photographic locations, their aesthetic value and their significance.

Serendipity’s Favourite Melbourne Wedding Photography Locations will be an ongoing project, inspired by weddings we shoot and input you can give us.

If you’d like to know more about a location, or would like to request a review you can contact us through Serendipity Photography’s website or via Facebook.

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