New page: Serendipity Photography’s Billilla mansion review.

Billilla on Halifax Street in Brighton is an ideal place for a wedding ceremony or location photography. Billilla Mansion is a classic example of turn-of-the-century Victorian architecture. At Serendipity Photography we’re always happy to work in such beautiful locations with such significance to local history.

Built on vast grounds in 1878 Billilla continues to be an exceptional place for celebrations, events and, of course, location photography. Presently leased from the Brighton Council by Xavier College, Billilla acts as an art space for young artists and it’s grounds are open to the public throughout the year.

Billilla’s rich history has resulted in an elegant multi-faceted building design encompassing many different stylistic features. The original structure was built in Jacobethan style in rendered brick with Art Nouveau extensions.

The gardens deserves special mention; after severe damage during a cyclone in 1918 the grounds were remade in a classic Victorian style featuring a fountain and rose garden, and grounds are shady with many lush evergreens. For a photographer gardens like this provide lots of inspiring backdrops for shoots, which change with the seasons and weather.

As a location for a wedding or reception Billilla Mansion ticks all the boxes, it’s majestic and romantic, easily accessible, with lots of space and many different garden vistas and specific aspects of the buildings that are very good for locations on site for varied wedding location photography.

If you’d like to find out more, visit Billilla Mansion’s website.

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