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We love unique and interestng approaches to interior design. In our review of Merrimu as a wedding photography location, we’ve focused on the great lighting rig, which adds character and depth to any reception.

Merrimu is, and this is not a common word in this area, but it’s generous, the staff, the food and most importantly the atmosphere is abundant and fun. There’s an ample drive for photographs of your arrival, plenty of space for a big bridal party, a big dancefloor, great service and a big bar-area for mingling with pre-dinner drinks.

But, if there is one stand-out element of Merrimu, that blows us away, it’s the lighting. The management have gone out of their way to make sure the Grand Ballroom has an extra-special ambiance. The varied and complex lighting style just gives and gives, offering up an interesting photo at every turn. The lighting system is advanced enough to be programmed to almost any colour scheme and be made to suit any style of wedding.

This great quote from Merrimu’s director Peter Batziakas, taken from the  the Australasian Lighting Industry Association’s website, really sums up how significant this lighting array is. “It creates an amazing sense of atmosphere and occasion. Ambience is crucial to the success and memorable nature of an event, and the lighting really makes this venue very special, imbibing it with its own character and life.”

For weddings the lighting ties everything together seamlessly and the atmosphere adopts the personality of the couples. The management clearly understand the significant of good lighting and great wedding photography, meaning that we can easily capture creative, beautiful photos and bring those unique qualities to our couples wedding photographs.

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